Here’s How Bad This Winter Will Actually Be (2022-23)

Image: “Unusually Cold” Weather To Blast Eastern U.S. Next Week, Winter Predictions Call For “A Cold One”; + Tom Harris: “There Is No Climate Crisis”

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A real Greenhouse prevent convection causing the inside to get warm. The atmosphere has no walls, and no blanket is covering up the atmosphere, CO2 is not preventing convection either, something you can see for yourself on windy days.

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Video: Ryan Hall, Y’all
In this video we talk about when it’s going to snow, how much it’s going to snow & why this winter will be different for many across the US

They are against fossil fuels, the very same energy source that are heating peoples homes and cooking peoples food … In 34 sec. the low IQ activist manage, in a splendid way, to document how stupid she is! You can’t make this up, just can’t!!:

100% Data Tampering