Here’s Who Americans Believe Will Win the Debate

Published June 27, 2024

We’re now less than 12 hours away from when President Joe Biden and former and potentially future President Donald Trump will participate in the hotly anticipated CNN debate.There’s been plenty of chatter about the stakes and expectations involved, as well as which candidate has to do what in order to win the debate. On Wednesday, The Economist/YouGov America released their poll that is put out every week or so, and this time they included a question on who respondents believe will win the debate. It’s not just good for Trump, it’s also bad for Biden.

A plurality of voters, at 42 percent believe Trump will do better or win the debate, while 34 percent say so about Biden, and 23 percent say they don’t know. The numbers are even worse for Biden among overall respondents. Not only does Trump retain his 40 percent plurality support when it comes to who Americans expect to do better or win, but just as many say Biden as they don’t know, 30 percent each.As looks to be a trend throughout the poll, Trump performs better with his fellow Republicans than Biden does with his fellow Democrats. Eighty-seven percent of Trump voters believe he will do better or win, while 76 percent of Biden voters say so about their candidate, and 23 percent say they don’t know.

When it comes to Independents, though, close to a majority, at 49 percent, say they don’t know who they expect to do better at/win the debate. They are twice as likely to believe Trump than Biden will, 34-17 percent.

When it comes to other findings about the debate, 65 percent of registered voters say they “definitely will” (35 percent) or “probably will” (30 percent) watch the debate. More Trump voters, at 40 percent, say they “definitely will” watch the debate than the 37 percent of Biden voters who say the same.

The poll shows that an overwhelming amount of voters, at 70 percent, say it is “not at all likely” that the debate will change their minds on who they plan to vote for. This is to be expected, as few voters overall remain undecided, and the debates are a way for each candidate to show off. Perhaps it’s redemption for Trump when it comes to that first debate of the 2020 cycle that even he acknowledged was not his best.



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Published June 26, 2024

The nation is antsy with expectations today as we count down the hours until the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. As we await the battle, conservatives feel confident and Trump looks strong.

Adding to our confidence, a recent Quinnipiac poll shows Trump pulling ahead of Biden with a larger-than-before lead.

The poll shows Trump leading in a hypothetical general election by 4 points. If we look at the Quinnipiac polls history, the Trump numbers began to ascend consistently over the last 2-3 months. Trump had a high point in November of 2023 (potentially a correlation with the Oct. 7 attack on Israel) but then was below Biden each month until they tied in April and Trump shot ahead in May and June.

This could reflect two things- either Biden has made people increasingly more unhappy in the last two months (which wouldn’t be hard to prove with the unchecked riots of antisemitism that add to his usual failures in the economy and national security), or perhaps the Trump conviction has shown people the true colors of the Democratic party. Their main argument is that Trump is a threat to democracy, but they acted out an unconcealed corruption of the system before our very own eyes, and not everyone took that well.




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