Hillary BUSTED By Multi-Million Dollar Smoking Gun She Can’t Hide From

During Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s stint as the Secretary of State, King Mohammed VI of Morocco donated up to $28 million to her Clinton Foundation “charity.”

Moreover, and more disturbingly, Morocco seemingly benefited from these donations to the Secretary of State.

In 2011, then-EPA chief Lisa Jackson, who two years later joined the Clinton Foundation’s board of directors, attempted to shut down the Mosaic Company, a Florida-based mining operation that competed with Morocco’s state-owned phosphate company, OCP.

Here’s the kicker: according to The Daily Caller, of the $28 million that King Mohammed donated to Clinton, $15 million was funneled “to the Clinton Foundation through OCP.”

Clinton also reportedly “relaxed U.S. foreign aid restrictions on Morocco, thus allowing U.S. funds to be used in the territory of Western Sahara where OCP operates phosphate mining operations.”

“The tactics makes perfect sense as to why the EPA, under Lisa Jackson’s tutelage, targeted Mosaic’s phosphate operations in my district,” remarked Rep. Dennis Ross, who reportedly represents the Florida where Mosaic Company operates.

“I was never given any answers when I questioned Lisa Jackson about the EPA’s deliberate actions against Mosaic. Now I know why. An environmental concern never existed. This targeting was all done as a payback to Morocco for donating millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.”

Bingo. The Democrat nominee seemingly tried to “suppress the American phosphate industry in favor of Morocco” so as to earn donations. But it gets even worse.

It was revealed in a Clinton Foundation memo published last week by WikiLeaks and written five years ago by Doug Band, an aide to Clinton’s husband, that at least a portion of the foundation’s activities were dedicated to “helping the [Clintons] secure and engage in for-profit activities.”

Wow. Just wow…

Move over Al Capone, Lucky Luciano and John Gotti, because the insidious actions of career criminal Hillary Clinton make you Mafia bosses look like a bunch of chumps…

Trump Posts Report Of Clinton’s Secret Income… Immediately Goes Viral

A hacked memo from the Clinton Foundation “charity” released Wednesday by WikiLeaks contained the most damaging revelation thus far about Democrat presidential nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Written in 2011 by Doug Band, an aide to former President Bill Clinton, the memo revealed that Band’s consulting firm Teneo had solicited “in-kind services for the president and his family — for personal travel, hospitality, vacation and the like.”

Moreover, it provided the exact strategy by which Band’s firm had “line(d) up the consulting contracts and speaking engagements for Bill Clinton that added tens of millions of dollars to the family’s fortune, including during the years that Hillary Clinton led the State Department,” The Washington Post reported.

Band essentially devised a scheme to funnel money from his clients to the Clintons — and he reportedly referred to this scandalous operation as “Bill Clinton, Inc.”

“We have dedicated ourselves to helping the president secure and engage in for-profit activities,” he admitted in the memo.

He also fessed up to having helped Bill Clinton earn up to $3 million in speaking fees and a potential $66 million more in contracts slated to be executed by 2020.

This revelation was “yuge,” which was likely why GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump shared the Post’s story on Facebook Wednesday morning, thus helping it go viral in mere hours.

But one major question remained: Why on earth would Band’s clients fork over their money just to enrich the Clintons?

Writing for The Daily Wire, nationally syndicated columnist Ben Shapiro offered an explanation: They wouldn’t. They’d want something in return.

“And giving money to the charity wouldn’t be enough. Bill and Hillary would have to get rich. So they did,” he wrote. “And all it took was brokering with the former president and acting Secretary of State.”

In other words, quid pro quo, i.e., the practice of making donations in exchange for favors. Band’s clients graciously parted with their money because they expected Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to fulfill their wishes — just like she had done with other donors countless times in the past.

And all the while, both Bill and Hillary Clinton pretended the Clinton Foundation was about helping people. What they forgot to mention was that their primary goal was to help themselves.

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