Hottest June Ever (Part 2)

Image: Six Facts The Left Doesn’t Want You To Know About Global Warming

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Video: Tony Heller
A further look at the ridiculous propaganda being distributed about last month’s heatwave in the Pacific Northwest

It’s only “Man Made” if it is arson:

67 Wildfires Spread Across 10 States In US West 

The Real Reason They Blame Heat Deaths, Blackouts, and Forest Fires on Climate Change Is Because They’re Causing Them. Is it a coincidence that those who say civilization is unsustainable are making it so?

Anyhooo, in the real world the Man Made Global Warming is still nowhere to be seen:

The Tropics just logged its Second-Coldest Temperature in History, as ALL-TIME Record Cold sweeps South America

Natural Gas Prices Skyrocket GLOBALLY due to Historically Cold 2021 and Failing Renewables

100% Data Tampering