How Kyiv copes with blackouts…

Vehicles drive along a street as the city is plunged into near darkness in Kyiv [File: Sergei Supinsky/AFP]

Residents in Ukraine’s capital try to cope with Russia’s attacks targeting critical infrastructure.
Residents of Kyiv are again experiencing lengthy blackouts as a result of Russian airstrikes that again targeted the country’s electrical infrastructure overnight, substantially impairing its ability to maintain light.
The electrical grid in the Kyiv region had once more been attacked by Russia on Wednesday night, according to a Facebook post on Thursday by the Ukrainian energy business Yasno. According to the firm, the region’s overall system capacity has now decreased by 30%. Yasno remarked, “The destruction is serious. “Nearly half of Kiev may continue to be without light.”
Since October 10, Moscow has repeatedly attacked the Ukrainian power grid, destroying dozens of electric generating units with drones produced in Iran. According to Ukrainian officials, more over a third of the system’s entire power-generation capacity has been harmed.
Life in central and western Ukraine, which up until this month had been mostly shielded from the conflict in the country’s east and south, has been drastically altered by the attacks. Restaurants and coffee shops were packed, and operas and symphonies had resumed performing in cities like Kyiv and Lviv.
Even before the most recent set of strikes, a schedule of rolling blackouts had been imposed in Kyiv. On Thursday, Yasno warned that the previous schedule was now irrelevant: “The outages will last a lot longer and affect a lot more consumers.”

Streetlights were shut off and few windows had lights early Thursday in the central Ukrainian city of Dnipro after Russian strikes destroyed power stations.

A Russian jet fighter flew above a railway junction on fire on Thursday near the Russia-controlled Donetsk region.


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