How Russia’s President Putin escaped five assassination attempts

Putin’s limousine’s left front wheel was hit by a loud bang, and the car was immediately driven to safety even as smoke erupted from it.


According to NDTV, which cited Euro Weekly News, Russian President Vladimir Putin narrowly evaded an attempted murder on Wednesday when his car was allegedly ambushed as it was being driven to his official residence.
After a loud bang from Putin’s limousine’s left front wheel, the vehicle was quickly steered to safety as smoke billowed out of it.
*He managed to flee unscathed, and his private security guards quickly led him to safety. His murder was revealed to the public via the General GVR Telegram channel. But according to the insider, the exact time of the attempt is unknown.
The Russian strongman has drawn the wrath of many, but Putin has always managed to escape unharmed.
With the exception of this week, there have been five attempts to kill the Russian strongman to date.
Here are some of the instances when some came close to ending Putin’s life.


Start of the Ukraine war

At the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, there had been a “unsuccessful attempt” on Putin’s life, according to Kyrylo Budanov, the chief of defence intelligence for Ukraine, according to The Sun.
Putin was targeted, according to Major-General Budanov in a statement to Ukrainian Pravda.
“He was even attacked not too long ago in front of a group of, shall we say, Caucasus representatives. This information is private. Absolute failure, but it actually happened… It was around two months ago,” he continued.
Who or where was responsible for the purported attack was unknown.



An Iraqi man was detained in 2002 during Putin’s visit to Azerbaijan after hatching a plan to assassinate the Russian president.
The man was recognized as an Iraqi national with connections to rebel groups in Afghanistan and Chechnya.
He was supposed to give explosives to an accomplice. But before he could carry out his scheme, the security services found out about it and detained both the man and his alleged accomplice.
Both received a 10-year prison term.


Bombing Putin’s motorway

The same year, in November, the police received information on a plot to assassinate Putin.
40kg of explosives were reportedly discovered along the motorway that the 69-year-old Russian leader used, according to local sources.
The device was allegedly planted there by a group of guys posing as repairmen. Putin’s car was diverted and the gadgets inexplicably vanished an hour later.
Authorities still withhold information on the incident and even dispute that it ever happened.


UK Police thwart conspiracy

According to reports, a conspiracy to assassinate Putin in October 2003 was thwarted by a British police anti-terror unit.
According to a source cited by the Sunday Times, two guys who are thought to be assassins were detained for plotting a plan to kill Putin.
A former hitman for the Russian secret service was said to be one of the men.
The men were recruited by a contract killer to kill Putin, the story claims, and they had defected to Britain three years prior.
However, after interviewing and releasing two men, ages 40 and 36, the police added that no further action would be taken against them.


Chechen rebel hatches a ‘plot’

Russian special forces detained Adam Osmayev, a rebel from Chechnya who was allegedly connected to the UK, in 2012. He was apprehended in Odessa, a port on the Black Sea in Ukraine.
He was afterwards depicted on state television being paraded in front of the public with obvious wounds while purportedly confessing.
Our deadline was after the Russian presidential election, he was reported as saying. “Our purpose was to go to Moscow and try to kill Prime Minister Putin.”
Osmayev, who came from a well-known Chechen family hostile to Putin, was “a graduate of a famous school of higher learning in Great Britain,” according to the Russian intelligence agencies.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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