How the Communist (ANC) are Destroying and Murdering South Africa by their Incompetence, Racism and Corruption

Image: Land Bank default ups stakes for SA Reserve Bank

Like Robert Gabriel Mugabe in Zimbabwe, South Africa seem to be making the same mistakes, communists just don’t learn.

When Zimbabwe decimated their farms, murdered and drove the white farmers off their lands, they also destroyed the country’s economy, resulting in skyrocketing inflation, food shortage and famine.

The crime rate, the racism and the corruption that always follows in the footstep of leftist policies, no matter if it is Communism, Socialism, Marxism or any other of the leftists ideologies, always ends in crimes, murder, mass graves and genocide.

Law enforcement:

The incompetence, racism and corruption has led to mass resignation of experienced, white police officers, police violence to increase and murder rate to soar to a level among the highest in the world.

‘Mob of gangsters who think they are untouchable’ – SA’s elite police unit is on brink of collapse

Power shortage and power outages:
Also when it comes to the electricity grid and power production, the situation has turned for the worse.

South Africa’s Eskom implements first power outages in months

When white people are deliberately targeted, it’s racism:

July 6, 2020 4 Horrific farm murders in less than 72 hours in South Africa

When the government in a country are voting to treat people differently based on their skin color, I guess that is as close as we get to systemic racism.

2018 ‘The time for reconciliation is over’: South Africa votes to confiscate white-owned land without compensation


More real racism:

In the US:

Systemic racism doesn’t exist in the US. It’s a leftist invention that nobody can define.

The law is the greatest equalizer, that is the system that makes for example everybody drive at the same, maximum speed, and pay the same % in taxes, – regardless of skin color.
There are no laws today that differentiate people based on race or skin color, i.e. no systemic racism.

Demand respect for the law!

Upholding, enforcing and applying the law equally is the only strategy that will work.

I.e. both Hillary and Obama has to go to prison, and the leftist media has to stop lying and spinning!

I support all Democrats right to free speech, does that mean I am a Democrat?

I support all Libertarians right to free speech, does that mean I am a Libertarian?

I also support all Conservatives right to free speech, does that mean I am a Conservative too?

I support all black, asian, white, christian and muslims right to free speech, does that mean I am a black, asian, white, christian muslim?

As always, leftists didn’t think this nonsense through!

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