How Trump’s border crisis is driven by climate change

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That is absolutely amazing and even more impressing, – especially when we consider the fact that there’s no climate crisis and even less (Man Made) Global Warming.

And even more revealing, the “refugees” that actually are coming to the border are telling they are coming because of local ads telling them to come to get free stuff, to escape violence and to look for a job and a better future.

By Ishaan Tharoor  – The Washington Post

For months, President Trump has tweeted and raged about the ongoing migration crisis along the U.S. southern border. His alarm over the continued influx of Central American migrant families seeking to claim asylum in the United States — and his government’s seeming inability to stop it — saw the White House carry out a dramatic purge last week of Homeland Security officials. By one estimate, if current trends continue, 1 percent of the entire population of Guatemala and Honduras may be apprehended along the U.S.-Mexico border this fiscal year.

The crisis feeds Trump’s campaign rhetoric about border security and the fecklessness of his political rivals, who he claims are content to let the nation be overrun by caravans of “invaders” from the south. Since he launched his campaign in 2015, he has cast the thousands of migrants arriving at the U.S. border as “aliens,” bearing drugs and spreading criminality.

In a nod to the president’s political base, Trump and top White House aides seek mostly hard-line punitive measures. After last year’s widely reviled family-separation policy proved too unpalatable, Trump now wants to dispatch potential asylum seekers at the border to Democratic-run “sanctuary cities” within the United States — a move that could be ruled unlawful for its implicit political vindictiveness. He also promised wholesale cuts to U.S. assistance to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, the three “Northern Triangle” countries at the heart of the influx.

What Trump has spent far less time discussing are the driving forces of this current wave of migration — at least not the one whose very existence the president still disputes. But it’s become increasingly clear that climate change has played a significant part in deepening the extreme poverty and insecurity that compels many to head north. According to the World Bank, climate change could lead to at least 1.4 million people leaving their homes in Mexico and Central America over the next three decades.

Central America — where a third of all jobs remain linked to agriculture — is one of the more susceptible regions in the world to the long-term effects of a warming planet. Successive years of drought, extreme fluctuations in temperature and shifting rain patterns have led to failed harvests and forced many Central American farmers to forsake traditional crops.

A recent lengthy exposé by the New Yorker’s Jonathan Blitzer focused on the expanding “dry corridor” — a region in Central America marred by drought that stretches from Panama to the southern reaches of Mexico. Conditions are particularly acute in the highlands that link central Honduras to western Guatemala, where millions of subsistence farmers have seen their livelihoods ravaged not just by lack of rain, but also its excess — floods, landslides and hurricanes. Their plight has been compounded by woeful agricultural infrastructure and national governments that have few resources to help them.

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