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Have you ever heard about this? HUMAN MEAT PROJECT – PEOPLE FOR PEOPLE?  I thought that this website is the same as the HUZLERS which is a satirical website created for news pranks, and to trick their friends by using it or just for entertainment. But in 2021, a website by this name was created to encourage people for cannibalism.

The website states that “One body can feed up to 40 people” . And are encouraging people to Donate. It says “Together we could end world starvation, overpopulation and climate change. *Based on average weight og 55kg/height 165cm.


Overtime, the human population has increased rapidly across the globe, leading to a higher demand for food, especially meat products. With this increasing demand, land for residential areas has become more difficult to find and emissions from farms have risen every year, making the lives we lead less sustainable.
We believe that by donating bodies and/or organs we can make a change by creating alternative meat consumption options while addressing the value of a person’s body.


They also have this END DATE where you can decide when you want to go in before you get “harvested”.


Sometimes, if a donor is fully committed to donating their body to the society, we can give them an End Date service. For an end date service, a donor can choose any date they want to be harvested.
End date services are our way of allowing donors to make important arrangements and have time to live their life up until the date they choose to be harvested. We highly advise meat donors to think carefully and discuss with their families before choosing a date.
When the End Date is near, they will be called in for health and physical evaluations. The Human Meat Project will provide spiritual or religious service if the donor is spiritual or religious. The donor is also allowed to call in their personal spiritual or religious guidance. We believe that by giving these services, we can help the donor to have a peaceful death and produce better quality meat.


Our donors will be taken care of by our specialized team to make sure they are treated with full respect and care. Donors will be prepared emotionally and physically to enter the Harvest Room. Donors will be given time to spend their last moment as a person before they become Human Meat.
The donor will then be assisted in a painless and peaceful method of passing away, after which we will immediately begin the harvesting procedure and harvest the donor body and/or organs.
We assist donors in a peaceful and respectful way to terminate their life and harvest their bodies to become a consumable resource for those in need. When a donor chooses partial donation with an End Date Service, the body will be cleaned and prepared before being returned to their next of kin based on any previous arrangements.


Whole body (including organs)

Your entire body including your internal organs, blood, bone marrow, skin tissue and reproductive system.

Only certain body parts and/or certain organs

You can also select certain body parts or organs you wish to donate. For example, one kidney or half a lung. You can choose as many or as few organs as you wish to donate.


And here are the meat products you can choose from…

And this is what they believe in…

Human Meat as Food Source

The practice of cannibalism is not uncommon in living beings. In both the animal kingdom and our human history, the consumption of one’s own species has existed.
During the discovery of the New World, Christopher Columbus brought back what could be seen as early evidence of cannibalistic practices in modern civilization.
The word ‘cannibal’ comes from the name the Spanish gave to the Caribs (Cannibales). The Spanish accused the Caribbean tribe of ritualistically consuming their enemies, but modern-day scholars have doubts that it actually happened. They speculate the Caribs were engaged in an anti-colonial battle with a host of European powers. Many historians now argue that the cannibalism rumors were just a propaganda tactic by the Spanish meant to provoke fear.
The word ‘cannibal’ was used as a derogatory term to describe tribal and native people, and became an indirect ethnic slur.

Human Meat Donation Mission and Vision

In order to save the planet from the impact of our modern civilization and lifestyle, we have to make a change in our ideas about consumption and our dietary choices.
We face climate change due to waste, pollution, deforestation and overpopulation problems.
By donating your body for human consumption, you are taking direct action to help others and lessen the damage of the industrial age.
By consuming human meat, we create a change in both our life and the world. By improving the standard quality of life in every country and nation, we can give everyone in the world a good life.


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This reminds me of a movie that my dad used to watch..


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