I found severed HEAD cooking on stove in lair of cannibal killer who butchered lover & tried to feed him to his children

This true crime tale I’m about to share with you features a killer that NO ONE would anticipate! This will be extremely upsetting since a woman, a housewife, and a mother will perform the IMPOSSIBLE.

Let me tell you about a housewife who SKINNED her husband’s entire body, chopped off his head, cooked it in a pot with vegetables, and served it to his OWN children.

This is clearly extremely unsettling, but when I tell you these THREE things, it becomes even worse.

First: It is assumed that someone who is mentally SANE committed this act.

Second, everyone knew Katherine to be a PLEASANT girl.

even at one time a model pupil.

Third: She developed a sensitive place for injured animals as a child.

saving them and restoring their health.

What motivated this mother with a “healthy” mentality, and how did this sweet girl GROW UP to become a monster?

Let’s go back to the beginning in order to solve this sinister riddle. As I just said, Katherine was an animal lover who brought sick stray dogs and baby birds home to care for them as she grew up.

But as she aged, she began to resemble her father, who worked in a butcher, more and more. Katherine became a butcher worker after discovering her passion.

She was so skilled at what she did that she even hung her set of butcher knives directly above her head with pride. And eventually, with her next three partners, this ferocious passion would start to intensify.


She choked him on the night of their wedding for not providing her with the level of intimacy she desired. He awoke one morning to find her putting a knife to his throat and asked if the men at his place of employment had a lot of women. And when he once arrived home later. He suffered a skull fracture after Katherine struck him in the head with a frying pan.

Because of her unpredictable violence, one of her lovers naturally abandoned her. Katherine, who was devastated by the breakup, abandoned their newborn baby on a train track where she was killed.

Good thing the poor baby was saved, and Katherine just had POST PARTUM DEPRESSION diagnosed.

This sounds awful, but how did she get to the point where she would cook her husband up like a stew and feed it to his kids?

LOVER #2 – David Saunders

It began sweetly, as with any love story. Even after purchasing a home, Katherine furnished it with plush animals, deer antlers, and animal skulls. She was genuinely in her element as a butcher.

However, she soon began to act violently anytime she felt envious. As a form of defiance, she would stab him with scissors, strike him with an iron, and even slit a puppy’s throat.

Like any other person, David found it difficult to handle, and after he left, another foolish man entered Katherine’s life.

LOVER #3 – John Chillingworth

He might have been the luckiest of them all because she didn’t hurt him physically. All Katherine did was deceive him by sleeping with John Price.

LOVER #4 – John Price

John had no idea what this evil woman would eventually do to him, things that are beyond words. John was regarded as a very popular, kind, and kind-hearted family man.

He had just divorced his ex-wife and was raising his own three children when he fell in love with Katherine and subsequently moved in with her. and the two of them were joyful. Even in the bedroom, Katherine was believed to have made John feel very good by acting like a devoted wife. The honeymoon period was short-lived, though, since Katherine’s maliciousness and mad violence resumed right away.

She subjected him to bizarre treatment. The situation became so out of control that John had to obtain a restraining order in order to keep Katherine away from him and his kids.

Up till February 29, 2000, in the late afternoon. At home, John would be. He would watch TV by himself, take a shower, and then proceed directly to bed.

Soon after, Katherine would enter his home undetected! They even had sex straight after she woke him up at 11 PM, so she must have enticed him at this point!

While Katherine was awake, John dozed off. She had the opportunity to act beyond all reason. Only the next morning will the cops be able to determine exactly what that was.

As soon as the cops opened the door, this was the horrible image this was the horrible image.

The moment the police officers opened the door, this horrifying vision immediately appeared before their eyes. John’s decapitated head with peeled veggies, cooked bits of John’s buttocks in the oven and on the stovetop, and his peeled skin dangling like a feather in the living room were all examples of John’s depravity.

Even more horrifyingly, the cops discovered steak slices that had still been sliced off John’s remains. Those dishes and some notes for John’s kids were set out on the table by Katherine.



Consider this since Katherine stated the day following the murder that she didn’t remember everything. Despite having borderline personality disorder and PTSD, she was nevertheless deemed SANE and FIT to stand trial by psychiatric professionals. She received a life sentence without the possibility of release after showing no signs of remorse.

Katherine later claimed that she had a difficult childhood and that her mother had black eyes as a result of her father’s regular beatings. As one of eight children, her parents beat her and her siblings constantly. Her own brother also raped her sexually.

This reminds me a lot of the following quote:


But why did Katherine choose to act in such a diabolical way? Maybe she felt strong when she held those things and used them to injure, but I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND. But now that you’ve heard the amazing tale of this housewife, I can firmly assert that “HURT PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE TO HURT PEOPLE,” since suffering from pain cannot be alleviated by inflicting it on another person. Just because you experienced abuse as a child doesn’t give you the right to treat others cruelly in any way, and just because you didn’t get love doesn’t imply you can’t.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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