I have said for a long time, everything by and from the left is FAKE. Now they even have a FAKE candidate who just picked a FAKE VP to potentially serve as President for a FAKE party – Because the truth don’t sell and facts don’t matter ..

Image: Kamala Harris rated most left-wing senator – even more than Bernie! Reaches extreme ranking with ‘Green New Deal’ and ‘Medicare for All’

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If you still don’t believe the election is rigged after everything FAKE from the left lately .. This is not a serious party, candidate, or a serious VP-candidate!


Hannity: Biden and Harris play nice for the cameras

Video: Fox News

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris used to be bitter rivals. #FoxNews #Hannity


Newt Gingrich: Biden adopting bizarre Dem plan that will destroy American dream. Forces ‘diversity’ in suburbs through threat of withholding federal dollars

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