IDF kill dozens of terrorists hiding in UNRWA schools, increase attacks in Shejaia

Published June 28, 2024

The IDF found dozens of terrorists to be hiding in UNRWA schools and eliminated the facilities along with other Hamas terrorist infrastructures.

The IDF began activity in the area of Shejaia, located in northern Gaza, and killed dozens of terrorists operating who were hiding in United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) schools, the military said on Friday morning.

The IDF began a re-invasion of Shejaia in northern Gaza on Thursday after establishing operational control there in January.

According to the IDF, intelligence indicated the presence of terrorists and terrorist infrastructure in the area, resulting in their activity both above and below ground. Troops began their activity during the day and started to conduct targeted raids overnight.

Terrorists hidden in schools 

Armed forces found dozens of terrorists hiding in UNRWA schools and eliminated the facilities along with other Hamas terrorist infrastructures.




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