Internet Stunned by Denmark’s Custom for Sleeping Babies: ‘We’d Go to Jail’

Above, a stock image of a baby sleeping in a stroller. A woman shared a video in which she discussed the practice of leaving a baby alone to sleep in a stroller outside.SERHII SOBOLEVSKYI/ISTOCK

A woman revealed in a popular video that the Danish custom of letting infants sleep outside in strollers is not only accepted as culture, but also encouraged by midwives and baby nurses.

More than 12 million people watched the TikTok user @annieineventyrland’s video in which she outlined the advantages of letting infants sleep outside. She claimed that occasionally, while the parent performs errands or enters a café, the infant is left in the stroller alone outdoors with a baby monitor.

While spending time outside may help a baby get a good night’s sleep, the Mayo Clinic also offered some additional suggestions, such as creating a timetable and sticking to a regular bedtime routine.

“Overstimulation in the evening can make it difficult for your baby to settle to sleep,” the organization said. “Try bathing, cuddling, singing, playing quiet music or reading, with a clearly defined endpoint when you leave the room. Begin these activities before your baby is overtired in a quiet, softly lit room.”

Putting a baby to bed when still awake but drowsy is also encouraged for parents. A newborn will be able to connect their bed with the act of sleeping thanks to this practice.

“Fresh air is said to keep babies healthy and help them sleep better, and napping your baby outside is done in all sorts of weather,” @annieineventyrland said in her video.

Through the use of a down duvet and light wool clothing, the baby’s body temperature is controlled.

Parents who go into a store will keep a watch on the stroller while running their errands, according to TikToker @annieineventyrland, but babies are not frequently taken.

“No one wants the responsibility of someone else’s kid, especially when our healthcare system does everything they can to help everyone who wants their own for little to no cost,” she said.

TikToker @annieineventyrland noted that while they are at home, she lets her own kid nap outside in her stroller.

“It’s for her to get the benefits of fresh air,” she said. “It’s her most familiar sleeping surface at this point, and I love that if my family and I ever want to go somewhere while she’s napping, we’re never stuck at home.”

Despite knowing about the tradition before relocating to Denmark, TikToker @annieineventyrland tweeted to Newsweek that she was initially astonished to witness the ritual in action.

“Mostly, I was taken aback by what it said about Danish society—that this is such a safe practice that it is even recommended by the National Board of Health,” she said.

Despite the fact that her toddler occasionally takes longer naps, TikToker @annieineventyrland said she’s mostly pleased with the amount of fresh air she’s getting.

“I hope that when people see my TikTok about babies sleeping in strollers outside, they consider why the Danish healthcare system and social services allow us to live in a society that’s so safe and functional,” she said.

Despite being a Danish cultural standard, a lot of TikTok users expressed surprise in the comments area.

“It sure sounds crazy—but if it works in your country I agree with the benefits of it,” a viewer wrote.

“Imagine feeling this safe in a country,” another viewer commented.

“Wow that’s amazing…In our country we’d go [to] jail if we did this,” one viewer wrote.

“Love this! But I’m in Perth, Aust[ralia] and even if it was safe from kidnappers, [I’d] be worried they’d get too hot,” a comment read.

Some voiced their appreciation for the practice.

“I feel like safely having the ability to walk away from your child when needed and do public/adult things would make better parents,” a viewer said.

One viewer said the practice is common where they live in Sweden.

“Some of our preschools even let the kids sleep outside,” they wrote.

TikToker @annieineventyrland said there are other common parenting practices people may not be used to in addition to letting children sleep outside.

“Everything from feeding young children what’s practically our national dish: dark, dense, seeded rye bread with liver pate to a national effort to parent and treat kids gently and with respect,” she said. “I talk a lot about Danish approaches to child-rearing on my TikTok series called ‘Things That Are Normal Here In Denmark That I’m Scared To Tell My American Friends.'”

Parenting-related social media posts have previously gone viral.

There was discussion among viewers after a woman shared a video in which she urged parents to stop bringing crying children on airplanes.

A woman who demonstrated how a mother could distinguish between her triplets in a video went viral. Another mother received encouragement for leaving her child at home for an hour.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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