Iran forms panel to investigate deaths due to protests, minister says

Iran has formed a panel under its interior ministry to investigate deaths due to recent protests, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Bagheri Kani told Indian broadcaster NDTV on Thursday.
Bagheri Kani, who is on a visit to New Delhi, said around 50 police officers have been killed so far and hundreds have been injured in the protests that have rocked the country since the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in the custody of the morality police in September.
The protests have particularly focused on women’s rights – Amini was detained by morality police for attire deemed inappropriate under Iran’s Islamic dress code – but have also called for the fall of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
The unrest has posed one of the boldest challenges to Iran’s clerical ruling elite since it came to power in the 1979 Islamic revolution, though authorities have crushed previous rounds of major protests.
Rights chief Volker Turk said Iran faced a “full fledged human rights crisis” with 14,000 people arrested including children as Germany and Iceland pushed for an investigative mission to the country.
While the push in Geneva for an Iran probe is backed by a broad group of countries, the vote later on Thursday may prove a test of Western clout within the divided human rights council after a thwarted attempt to scrutinise China last month.

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Iran’s deputy foreign minister Ali Baqeri Kani, who is visiting India as part of political consultations between the two countries, said Iran has formed a panel under its interior ministry to investigate deaths due to recent protests.

Iran‘s deputy foreign minister Ali Baqeri Kani has claimed that 22-year-old Mahsa Amini – whose death in police custody in September triggered large-scale protests across the country – was not killed, but passed away, news agency ANI reported on Thursday.
Defending his government over the death of Amini, Kani sought to blame the Western countries for building a “baseless and fallacious atmosphere” about the events in Iran and caused the rise of tensions during the protests.
“Mahsa Amini was not killed, she passed away. We have seen the atmosphere created by some Western media with regard to the development in Iran. This atmosphere is baseless and fallacious. We are seeing the rights of the Iranian nation are violated by these western powers,” ANI quoted Kani as saying.

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  • Iran has accused Britain of fanning the two months of protests since Mahsa Amini’s death
  • Iran has arrested 40 foreign nationals during the wave of ‘riots’

A British-Iranian dual national has been arrested for tipping off foreign media, including the BBC, about protests sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini, Iran’s Fars news agency reported late Wednesday.
The BBC, which broadcasts in Persian as part of its World Service, has repeatedly complained of threats and intimidation against its journalists and their families at home and abroad which it has blamed on Iran.
Iran, which does not accept joint citizenship, has accused Britain of fanning the two months of protests since Amini’s death in morality police custody, by hosting hostile Persian-language media.
The Fars report gave no name, gender or date of arrest, saying only that the arrest was made by the intelligence services and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iran’s third city Isfahan.
Fars described the detainee as “a source for hostile television channels, namely the BBC and Iran International,” a Persian language TV channel operating out of London.


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