Iraqi army reveals number of ISIS terrorists in Iraq

Iraqi military forces. Photo: Iraqi Security Media Cell

According to a statement cited by the state news agency, Major General Tahsin Al-Khafaji, the spokesperson for the Joint Operations Command in Iraq, claimed on Thursday that the number of ISIS terrorists in the nation is extremely low (INA).

According to INA, Al-Khafaji stated that there are fewer than a thousand ISIS militants in Iraq, the majority of whom are locals.

Al-Khafaji added, “These elements are concentrated in just four or five regions.

The military officer attested to the Joint Operations Command’s important steps toward border control and readiness for any emergency that may arise there.

Al-Khafaji emphasized that efforts are still being made to safeguard and control the Iraqi-Syrian border.

Al-Khafaji also mentioned the establishment of two defensive lines, which have strengthened the existing defensive lines along the Syrian border.

Al-Kahafji made it clear that in addition to concrete walls and watchtowers, the Iraqi army and border guards serve as the leaders of the first and second defense lines, respectively.


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By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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