Iran softens demand on major nuclear deal stumbling block, US official says

According to a senior administration official, Iran has dropped its demand that international inspectors end specific inquiries into its nuclear program as a precondition for rejoining the Iran nuclear deal, resolving a significant sticking point.
Iran’s decision signals that after convening a make-or-break push in August, negotiators may be close to reaching an agreement to reenter the 2015 deal. On Tuesday, the United States was still deliberating how to respond to Iran’s objections to what was referred to as the West’s final offer.
In order to rejoin the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, Iran asked for months that the International Atomic Energy Agency halt its investigation into undeclared nuclear material discovered at Iranian locations. Rafael Grossi, the director-general of the IAEA, ruled out this possibility. As a result of its refusal to assist the IAEA with its investigations, the inspection body officially resolved the situation in June.

Israel issues ‘last-minute appeal’ for US to end Iran nuke deal

In light of rumours that a deal was close after Tehran dropped several major criteria, Israel has made a “last-minute” appeal to Joe Biden to refrain from re-entering the Iran nuclear accord.
Naftali Bennett, a prominent official in Israel’s caretaker government, claimed in a series of tweets yesterday night that the agreement will finance terrorists and fail to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

He wrote, “Even today, at this last minute, I ask on @POTUS Biden & the US administration to desist from signing the agreement with Iran.
“This agreement will enable Iran to develop, install, and run centrifuges, with almost no constraints, in a matter of months, sending around $24 trillion to the country’s terror regime and its regional allies,”
Mr. Bennett said Israel had previously persuaded Washington not to accept the treaty and hoped this was still the case. He currently serves as Yair Lapid’s deputy prime minister.
Israel has frequently threatened to take independent action against Iran if the deal is approved, and he underlined that it was “not a party to the agreement,” alluding to this.

‘Biden understands Israel’s concerns but is determined to return to Iran deal’

US National Security Council coordinator John Kirby argues that Iran deal would reinstate most strenuous inspection protocols on Iran.
John Kirby, the coordinator of the US National Security Council, stated on Tuesday that Washington is aware of Israel’s worries regarding the Iran nuclear agreement, but President Joe Biden is still adamant on rejoining the JCPOA and using diplomacy to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.
In an interview with Fox News, Kirby was questioned about the worries that Israel and the neighboring Arab nations had over the development of the nuclear negotiations with Iran. These nations have issued warnings, claiming that US funds will be used to support Iran’s terrorist network, further destabilizing the region.
“Our Arab allies also not comfortable entering back into a deal with Iran,” Fox News host Martha Raddatz said. “Our allies in Israel, they’re not comfortable with it. They’re the top target.”


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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