Israel Strike On Damascus International Airport Kills 5 Syrian Soldiers: State Media

This is a locator map for Syria with its capital, Damascus. (AP Photo) (Uncredited, Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

Five soldiers were killed in an Israeli attack on the airport and other military outposts south of the Syrian capital, according to state media on Saturday.
BEIRUT – State media said on Saturday that an Israeli attack on the Damascus International Airport and adjoining military outposts in the south of the Syrian capital resulted in the deaths of five troops.

The strikes took place after midnight on Friday, according to state news agency SANA, which also resulted in “material losses.” It further mentioned that a few of the Israeli missiles were intercepted before they could reach their targets.

Five Syrian soldiers and two members of organizations with Iranian support were killed in the strikes, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition war monitor based in Britain.

According to the Israeli army, it does not respond to “international reports” and declined to comment.

Ten days prior to the attack on the Damascus International Airport, Israel had undertaken a missile attack on Syria’s northern Aleppo airport that rendered it temporarily inoperable. The airport in Aleppo had been the target of a second bombing in a week.

Israeli airstrikes on the Damascus International Airport on June 10 severely damaged the airport’s infrastructure and runways, rendering the main runway unusable. After two weeks of renovations, the airport reopened.

Israel has attacked government-controlled areas of Syria on hundreds of occasions in recent years, although it rarely admits or talks about these actions.

However, Israel has confirmed that it strikes the facilities of militant organizations with ties to Iran, including Lebanon’s Hezbollah, which has dispatched thousands of men to aid Syrian President Bashar Assad’s army.

The Israeli attacks take place in the midst of a larger covert conflict between Israel and Iran. The Damascus and Aleppo airports were attacked for fear that they were being used to import Iranian weapons.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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