Israel to use drones to carry out assassinations in West Bank

The use of drones for assassinations in the West Bank has been authorized by the Israeli army.

On Wednesday of this week, it was apparently approved to take the extreme move.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Lt.-Gen., the chief of staff of the Israel Defense Force, gave the order. Kohavi, Aviv

In the West Bank, drones are already being utilized for general intelligence collecting, covert operations, and gathering info.

The majority of the time, these incursions by the Israeli army into the West Bank include making arrests. Israeli soldiers went into the Jenin refugee camp on Wednesday to arrest a Palestinian who is the brother of a suspect in the suspected murder of three Israelis in Tel Aviv in April. The camp was heavily gunned down in response to the raid. The Jerusalem Post claimed that 44 Palestinians had been hurt and four had died as a result of the shooting.


The IDF commander met with the commander of Central Command, Maj.-Gen. Brig.-Gen. Yehuda Fuchs and the head of the West Bank Division According to the Post story, Avi Blot received an updated evaluation of the area.

The senior officers talked about using airborne platforms throughout the discussion.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the order was likely granted because the violence was threatening to push Israel into a larger operation in the northern West Bank, akin to Operation Defensive Shield in 2002.

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Israel’s interior minister, Omer Bar Lev, told Army Radio on Thursday that although “no one has an appetite in initiating a large-scale operation,” “it can happen” if the situation worsens.

To avert such a situation, Israel is “undertaking focused efforts and countermeasures.” We won’t be discouraged, according to Bar Lev, who was reported by the Post as stating, “The chance that Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad could join in from the Gaza Strip should we initiate an offensive.”

Since 2008, drones have been deployed in Gaza to murder specific Hamas and Islamic Jihad members, but they have not yet been employed in the West Bank.


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‘While the deployment of these drones by the Israel Air Force has been extensively documented in U.S. diplomatic cables and at international air shows for at least the past 20 years, the IDF never publicly admitted the use of such platforms. The censor reportedly prevented Israeli journalists from publishing information from the reports, according to a story in the Jerusalem Post.



By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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