Israeli defense minister in US to discuss Iran nuclear talks

Israel’s defense minister says it’s important that the U.S. and Israel maintain capabilities for “defensive and offensive purposes” as he reiterated Israel’s opposition to an emerging nuclear deal with Iran
Israel’s defense minister reiterated Israel’s opposition to a potential nuclear agreement with Iran at a meeting with a senior U.S. official on Friday. He also stressed the importance of maintaining weapons for “defensive and aggressive objectives.”
Israel declares it will not be bound by the agreement presently being debated and is vehemently opposed to moves by world powers to resurrect the 2015 nuclear pact. In order to stop Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon, neither Israel nor the United States have ruled out taking military action.

US meeting with Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz Israel is opposed to the impending pact, according to National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, even though it has not yet been formalized or made public.
In light of Iran’s nuclear program and its regional aggression, Gantz “stressed the significance of preserving and improving operational capabilities for both defensive and offensive goals,” according to a statement from the Defense Ministry.
“This is regardless of the discussion surrounding the agreement,” it added.

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According to people familiar with the talks, the US and Iran are still at odds over important aspects of a potential deal to resurrect a historic nuclear pact and may take several weeks to come to an agreement.
As Washington and Tehran responded to a “final” European Union plan that would loosen sanctions on Iran’s economy, including oil exports, in exchange for cutting back its developing atomic program, hopes for an impending resolution increased. A top Biden administration adviser was quoted as saying that the parties have never been closer to reviving their 2015 agreement by a senior European official.
However, two other officials with knowledge of the talks claimed that disagreements persist regarding the investigation into the Islamic Republic’s earlier nuclear work by international monitors and the financial indemnities Tehran is demanding in the event that a future US administration leaves the agreement, as did then-President Donald Trump four years ago.
All of the representatives asked to remain anonymous in exchange for discussing private information.

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US National Security Council says National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stressed to Gantz that the US is committed to ensuring Iran never obtains a nuclear weapon.

Following a meeting between National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Minister of Defense Benny Gantz at the White House on Friday, the US National Security Council issued a statement.
In addition to discussing ways to strengthen the US-Israel security collaboration, notably through regional cooperation and coordination, Sullivan underscored President Biden’s unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security, according to NSC Spokesperson Adrienne Watson.
They talked on the US’s determination to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and the necessity of fending off threats from Iran and its proxies. They also talked about the necessity of ensuring equal levels of security, freedom, and prosperity for both Israelis and Palestinians, as well as the significance of continuing to implement initiatives stated during President Biden’s visit to Israel, she continued.


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