Israeli-deployed AI in Gaza likely helps IDF reduce civilian casualties, expert says

Published June 15, 2024

Target identification, tunnel mapping, drone swarms allow IDF to navigate unknown terrain

After loudly touting the use of artificial intelligence (AI) during their 11-day conflict against Hamas in 2021, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have been fairly tight-lipped about the AI systems they’ve employed in the post-Oct. 7 Gaza battlespace.

Numerous media outlets have speculated that Israel’s AI platforms are being used recklessly, but Blaise Misztal, Vice President for Policy at the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA), told Fox News Digital that he believes Israel is using AI-powered drone swarms, mapping drones and targeting systems as a means to minimize civilian casualties as they seek out Hamas terrorists hiding among the populace or holed up in tunnel systems laced beneath civilian architecture.

Misztal says that available evidence implies drones are a “near constant companion for ground troops as they’re maneuvering through Gaza,” with the IDF telling JINSA researchers that “each unit has its own mini-Air Force” supporting troop movements.

A number of AI-powered drones may be mapping the underground tunnels built below Gaza, or protecting those who are traversing them as they seek out terrorists or hostages. Iris, a ground-based, throwable unit manufactured by Elbit Systems “can enter small and confined spaces, above or underground, to explore hazardous areas while relaying intelligence and reconnaissance information in real-time.”

Ghost Robotics manufactures the Vision-60, a ground drone that it says can “continuously push the limits to improve its ability to walk, run, crawl, climb, and eventually swim in complex environments” to “keep our warfighters, workers, and K9s out of harm’s way.”



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Artificial Intelligence words are seen in this illustration taken March 31, 2023(photo credit: DADO RUVIC/REUTERS)
Published June 15, 2024

The use of AI in IDF systems is accompanied by very careful operating methodologies and it is very important to maintain this approach.

Recently, many articles and references have been published, most of them sinful to the truth, about the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in military systems. in the article, we will present some of the current reality, within the limitations of classification.

AI appears in military applications in two main categories:

Utilities (Helping tools) in technical and tactical working processes (OCR, retrieval, automatic translation, information extraction and construction, speaker recognition, speech recognition and speech to text transformation (STT), area scanning and change detection, big data processing, etc.).

Utilities (Helping tools) for improving decision-making processes, but not in actual decision-making.

Naturally, most of the interest is focused on the use of artificial intelligence in decision-making processes within the defense establishment and daily work , which have developed greatly in recent years, with the HPC (High Power Computing) revolution and the ability to quickly and efficiently process “big data”

The use of AI in IDF systems is accompanied by very careful operating methodologies and it is very important to maintain this approach.




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