Italian man first person reported to have monkeypox, Covid and HIV at the same time


The first reported case of Covid, monkeypox, and HIV co-infection was a 36-year-old Italian man.
There were no previous published occurrences of Sars-CoV-2 and the monkeypox virus co-infecting patients, according to the authors of the study that reported the case. On August 11, a fourth instance of monkeypox was recorded in New Zealand.
The article’s subject spent five days in Spain in June, where he claimed to have engaged in unprotected intercourse with guys.
According to a Journal of Infection article, he returned to Italy nine days later with a fever of up to 39C and symptoms like a sore throat, lethargy, and headache.

Monkeypox lingering on household surfaces

According to the CDC, monkeypox DNA can persist on various household surfaces and goods, not just beds, but the likelihood of transmission from these surfaces is thought to be minimal.
Virus DNA was discovered on 70% of the high contact surfaces in the shared area of the home of two monkeypox positive roommates in a recent investigation to evaluate the level of household contamination.

The two were still exhibiting symptoms when the house was swabbed, and despite routine cleaning, viral DNA was discovered after 20 days of isolation on 21 out of 30 high-contact items.
These high contact points included covers, upholstery made of fabric, coffee makers, handles, and switches. According to scientists, routine cleaning may have rendered the virus inactive and reduced the degree of infection in the home.

US monkeypox cases may be peaking, experts say

MONKEYPOX CASE DECLINES IN SOME MAJOR US CITIES, MATCHING EUROPEAN TRENDS Experts are cautiously optimistic that the outbreak may have peaked in areas hardest afflicted by the virus.
Earlier on Thursday, the World Health Organization stated that monkeypox cases recorded globally decreased 21% in the previous week after a month-long pattern of increasing infections, but cautioned that cases in the US were still on the rise.
However, some US doctors think the number of cases is beginning to fall, partly due to protection from earlier infections and a shift in behavior as the disease has become more well known. They emphasized that this does not imply that the sickness will be confined.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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