Italy’s election shows us that politics isn’t black and white

“Far-right,” “Fascist,” “Extreme,” “Ultra-MAGA.” How many terms have we had thrown around in recent years? And how many times have they been used completely unfairly?

In recent years, whenever the left has wanted to destroy someone they have used all these terms and more. Consider how The New Republic magazine chose to attack two Democrat Senators earlier this year. When Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema proved reluctant to back President Biden´s spending bill the left-wing magazine screamed, “Let’s call Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema what they are: Extremists.” Really? “Extremists.” For not backing a spending bill? So what would you call Timothy McVeigh? Or Osama bin Laden?

This is not some weird trick or anything. President Biden has labeled Donald Trump’s supporters and “the entire mindset that underpins” him as practicing “semi-fascism.”

Therefore, responses to Giorgia Meloni’s election as Italy’s first female prime minister have been totally foreseen. The conservative media largely reacted by saying, “But you’ve called everyone a fascist, so we don’t believe you anymore.” Some have even listened to a few clips of what Meloni has said and responded, “Sounds like common sense to me.” And in part, they are correct. The left-wing media all screamed, “fascist.”

Meloni is a talented performer and a political leader with good judgment. She is adamant about opposing illegal immigration, supporting the traditional family, and many other things. Nevertheless, it is undeniably true that the movement from which she hails has fascist roots.

West Virginia Sen. Joe Machin was surrounded by reporters while leaving the chamber at the US Capitol.AP

Even to state that is horrifying on every level. How can you put a conservative under the bus like that, conservatives frequently ask. Leftists will respond, “Why don’t you call her the fascist that she is? And I always reply with the most irritating but frequently accurate response: “Because it’s complicated.” And nothing is more complicated than Europe.

Italy’s political history is distinct from that of America’s. Additionally, its political history is distinct from Germany’s. Although it was a horrifying crime, Italian fascism was not quite as horrifying as German fascism. As in everything, there are gradations in this. Fascism is not recognized because of this, in part because post-war Italy received less attention than post-war Germany.

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To put it another way, Italian politics have not gotten rid of Mussolini the way German politics did with the Nazi movement. The Mussolinis are still involved in politics. Rachele Mussolini, one of Mussolini’s grandchildren, is a chosen representative of Meloni’s own party. Consider what might happen if the Hitlers were still involved in German politics.

Italian Fascist leader Benito Mussolini was surrounded by members of the Fascist Party in Rome in 1922.AP

Silvio Berlusconi, the former prime minister of Italy, claimed nine years ago that Mussolini’s racist racial laws were the worst features of a guy “who, in many other ways, by contrast, did well,” and that Italy “did not have the same duties as Germany.” You may agree or disagree with that sentiment, but it is a prevalent one in Italy. And Berlusconi is undoubtedly not a Nazi.

Additionally, there is another difficulty: communists do exist in Italy. In America, we occasionally hear certain right-wingers accuse someone of being a communist. However, hardly anyone in American mainstream politics genuinely presents themselves as a communist. However, there are communist parties in Italy. And just as there are parties that have communist party roots, there are also parties that have fascist party roots. There is no use shouting that. It simply is. mostly because of history. Additionally, it dispersed differently in Italy than it did in the United States. Something that ought to make Americans much more appreciative of their past than they are.

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But most people on the left and many people on the right find this to be too complicated. They prefer heroes or villains, nice guys or evil guys, Nazis or anti-Nazis. However, European politics consistently demonstrate that things are more complicated.

For instance, Meloni has received every drop of slurry that could be poured on her since her election. The left-wing press has questioned her qualifications as a woman in addition to accusing her of being a fascist today. She is “anti-woman,” according to a number of left-wing publications, because her feminist credentials aren’t as strong as they could be. She supports specific restrictions on abortion among other things. In a country with a strong Catholic culture, this is not an extreme stance.

The truth is that these claims, like a great number of others, are outdated. As demonstrated by the fact that Meloni received a majority of the Italian people’s votes. Despite everything that was stated about her, they still chose to vote for her. So I would practice my insults if I were on the left. One day, the tale of the kid who cried wolf will catch up with them.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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