“It’ll Start Getting Cooler, You Just Watch”

Image: The Cyclical Nature Of Climate Change

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The United States (Lower-48) just set its Coldest Temperature ever Recorded this early in the season

Video: Tony Heller
President Trump’s science, vs. the junk science of California politicians.

Science and politics

CFACT Challenges Joe Biden to “Spend a Month Without Fossil Fuels”

Climate Miracle: There is no climate crisis Nature controls climate Kindle Edition

They told you they would save the Earth if you followed their instructions. You must believe what they tell you, accept higher energy costs, pay much more in taxes, forget your personal freedom, and vote for their globalist world government. Then they will absolve you from your environmental sins and save the planet for you. Climate Miracle proves the alarmists’ climate claim is a fraud. The Climate Miracle is nature controls the climate. Our carbon dioxide emissions are irrelevant.

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President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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