It’s Time to Give President Trump Credit for His Courage and Persistence in Bringing to Light the Election Steal

President Trump is under constant attack from the media, Big Tech, the Democrats, foreign nations, and the leadership of the GOP.  Despite this, he charges forward sharing the truth about the 2020 Election steal and the catastrophe of the Biden administration.  

As a result, the GOP and a super-majority of Trump-backed candidates won back the US House in the 2022 election.

Can you imagine how hard it must have been to see your election get stolen, to be silenced and then be told to accept the steal?   This is what President Trump has faced.  But he has persevered, held rallies, and has spoken openly about what happened.
After constant negative press and the leadership of his own party doing all they could to prevent him from winning the Presidency, President Trump was poised to win in 2020.  He crushed Biden in attendance at rallies.  Trump signs were widespread and there was little enthusiasm for Biden.
Yet despite President Trump winning millions more votes than any President, or any Republican ever, the election was awarded to Joe Biden even though there was ample evidence that the results of the election in swing states were not certifiable.

What did President Trump do?

President Trump persevered and began backing candidates he thought would put the America before the party.

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Election Day has arrived and the results of our tally of attendance at Presidential events since Labor Day are final.  These results show the Trump Train is on nuclear power rolling down hill while the Biden Bus is broken down and never left the basement.
Since Labor day President Trump has entertained massive crowds at his rallies while former VP Biden might as well have stayed in his basement. Some of Biden’s events had no individuals present other than approved press or campaign workers. Many days Biden was not out campaigning.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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