Japan, China, and South Korea violate Paris agreement by funding coal in Indonesia

By Paul Homewood

From Christian Science Monitor:


July 19, 2017 Bangkok—Japan, China, and South Korea are bankrolling environmentally destructive coal-fired power plants in Indonesia despite their pledges to reduce climate-changing emissions under the Paris climate deal, analysts told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Australia-based environmental finance organization Market Forces said it analyzed 22 coal power deals in Indonesia since January 2010 and found state-run financiers for the three nations were involved in 18 of them.

In all, foreign banks, both commercial and state-owned, are providing 98 percent of the debt finance for the projects, amounting to $16.7 billion.

Indonesian banks provided just 2 percent of the financial resources for the projects, according to the Market Forces analysis published this week.

Japan, China, and South Korea “are on board with the Paris climate change agreement. They make all the right noises politically,” Julien Vincent, executive director of Market Forces, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in a phone interview.

But “these are the same governments underwriting new coal development elsewhere,” he said, calling the actions “egregious.”


Some of us have been pointing out this sort of hypocrisy for a while!

Ref.: https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2017/07/23/japan-china-and-south-korea-violate-paris-agreement-by-funding-coal-in-indonesia/


California’s “leading” climate change fighting partner China funds coal plants in Indonesia violating Paris agreement

By Larry Hamlin

Governor Brown who claims that China is “leading” the fight against climate change alongside California seems incredibly oblivious to the reality that China is committed to building hundreds of new coal plants as addressed in a recent New York Times article.


Adding to the Governor’s embarrassment over his phony China climate change fighting claims The Christian Science Monitor has just published an article charging that Japan, China and South Korea are violating the Paris climate agreement by funding coal projects in Indonesia.


The Monitor article notes that: Governor Brown owes the people of California an explanation concerning the ridiculous claims he makes about China “leading” the fight against climate change and the global irrelevancy of the state’s climate campaign.

The reality of what China is actually doing does not support at all the enormously costly and bureaucratically onerous climate alarmist schemes Brown is foisting on our state which Bjorn Lomborg says are useless and estimates will cost Californian’s many tens of billions of dollars every year.

California’s state legislature also seems to be as totally out of touch with reality as the Governor as illustrated by AB 1184 which seeks to extend low emission vehicle subsidies another seven years with a price tag of $3 billion.


But as addressed in an L A Times article the bill fails to deal with where the money will come from – other than it will come from the people of California.

The Times article notes the following regarding the many problems with this bill:


There seems to be no end to the number of costly, onerous and worthless climate alarmist schemes that Governor Brown and the legislature can devise to impose tens of billion of dollars each year in completely unnecessary costs and bureaucracy upon the citizens and businesses of California.

But as long as the people of the state keep putting these people in office that’s what they will continue to get.

Ref.: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/07/22/californias-leading-climate-change-fighting-partner-china-funds-coal-plants-in-indonesia-violating-paris-agreement/


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