Joe Biden Says It’s Wrong for States to Ban Puberty Blockers and Sex Reassignment Surgery For Children

Joe Biden on Sunday participated in a sit-down interview with NowThis ‘Make Your Mark’ to discuss the midterms and the failing Democrat agenda.
The entire interview was a dumpster fire.
Biden relied on notecards to get through the discussion because his brain barely works.

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The makers of puberty-blocking drugs, which are used in transition-related medical care for minors, are now under investigation by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, part of a larger, national fight against such care for minors.

Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender ‘activist’ (biological male) and raging misogynist who mocks women for a living, asked Joe Biden if it is wrong for states to ban sex reassignment surgery for children (genital mutilation).

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Under President Joe Biden’s order, the federal health department will release sample policies for states to expand health care options for LGBTQ patients, and the federal education department will release a sample school policy to achieve full inclusion of LGBTQ students. Credit: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Biden said he believes it is wrong for states to ban puberty blockers for children.
“I don’t think any state or anybody should have the right to do that. As a moral question and as a legal question,” said Biden.


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