Authoritarian nations are looking at US President Joe Biden and seeing a president who is not in charge “of his own mind,” says Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce.

“While this is embarrassing for Americans, it’s dangerous for the world,” Ms Bruce said.

“Because we’re not the only ones seeing this.

“Bad actors around the world … realise that America does not have a president who is functional.”


Every American should be considering how we got here, with the possible exception of those directly working in President Biden’s White House, who are desperately trying to sell the pullout from Afghanistan as anything other than a disastrous disaster.

We have a commander in chief heading the most powerful country in the world who has no prior expertise in decision-making or leadership.

Joe Biden never worked in the private sector, was a member of the military, or ran his own company. He has never been good at solving issues. He argues issues and distorts them for political gain. And right now, he’s brought about a number of serious challenges that will plague America for years.

First, the capabilities and strength of radical Islamic terrorist organizations will increase. The war in Afghanistan was not declared “over” by the president. Afghanistan will soon return to being the lawless, ungovernable, and geographically distant country that made it possible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks to be planned and trained covertly. The War on Terror has several fronts.

The toxic combination of Taliban, ISIS, and al Qaeda fighters—all feathers of the same radical Islamic bird—along with funding from its enormous, illegal opium business will soon put terrorist groups with an international reach back in full operation there without American eyes and ears on the ground. The “over-the-horizon” capabilities of President Biden alone cannot eliminate terrorist threats before they reach our shores.

Second, in a world that is becoming more violent and complicated, America will have fewer allies. President Biden pretended to celebrate the “greatest airlift in history,” which was actually the biggest retreat and evacuation in American history, in front of the entire world. He bragged that 90% of Americans had returned from Afghanistan; 10% had not. As a result, our friends won’t have faith in us and will take precautions against the uncertain nature of American global leadership.

The State Department acknowledged on Wednesday that the majority of the Afghan SIVs—those valiant Afghans who collaborated with our forces as interpreters and intelligence gatherers—were left behind by the United States. We made a commitment to keep them safe but afterwards turned on them.

The Taliban will probably kill a lot of them along with their families. In actuality, the Afghan interpreter assisted in saving the then-Sen. A 13-year-old snowfall in the mountains of Afghanistan left Joe Biden stranded as well. Through the Wall Street Journal, the Afghan pleaded with President Biden to “save me and my family. Don’t forget me here.”

Third, even the perception of American weakness inflames our adversaries. The wolves are keeping guard. Now that we will abandon Americans and allies in a combat zone, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and international terrorists are aware of this. They observe a president who refuses to protect the country’s borders and who tries to cede our energy independence. They witness a man trying to halt domestic production of coal, oil, and natural gas while pleading with OPEC to increase oil output.


America is in a challenging situation. Elitists, who worked together to dethrone Donald Trump, were those in politics, corporate America, the media and social media, academia, and our bureaucracies. They acknowledged doing this in order to secure the Biden-Harris ticket.

The boots will right America’s ship, not the suits, and it will be the boots who make the “woke” aware of America’s new reality. All hands must be on deck.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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