Judicial Watch: Secret Service Caught Changing Story About Hunter Biden Documents

Judicial Watch this month obtained documents revealing that the Secret Service has repeatedly changed its story about whether it has records related to Hunter Biden’s gun.
On October 23, 2018, Joe Biden’s crackhead son Hunter and daughter-in-law Hallie were involved in yet another brush with the law, this time the incident involved a gun.
Recall, Hunter Biden began “dating” his dead brother’s widow Hallie in 2018, because that’s how the trashy Biden family rolls.
In October of 2018, Hallie took Hunter Biden’s handgun from his truck without his knowledge and threw it into a trash can behind Janssen’s Market, a Delaware grocery store – the gun went missing and no arrests were made.
In fact, the Secret Service inserted itself into the case and worked as the cleanup crew to protect the corrupt Biden family.
Hunter Biden went back to the grocery store to retrieve the gun after Hallie told him what she did, but the gun was no where to be found.
Delaware police began investigating and searching for the gun because it was left in a trash can across the street from a high school.
A few hours later, and still no gun, police let both Hallie and Hunter leave the scene with no arrests.
At the same time, Secret Service agents questioned the store owner where Hunter bought the gun and asked for the paperwork involving the sale – the gun store owner suspected the Secret Service agents were working to hide Hunter’s ownership of the firearm so he refused to hand over the paperwork.
The gun store owner handed Hunter’s paperwork over to the ATF instead.
A few days after the gun went missing, it was returned by a man who routinely rummages through trash cans looking for recyclables.
The Secret Service is now telling Judicial Watch that it has more than 100 records related to Hunter Biden’s gun and will complete processing of the docs by January 9, 2023.

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