JUST IN: Gavin Newsom Found – Took “Personal Trip” to Sunny Baja California, Mexico While Snowed-In Californians Are Freezing to Death

California Governor Gavin Newsom has finally been located. Turns out he was on a “personal trip” to Baja California while his constituents were freezing to death.

Here is San Francisco Chronicle reporter Emily Hoeven with the news.

We all remember the media uproar two years ago when Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) briefly flew down to Cancun in the midst of a power outage in Texas even through he had no power to help. Don’t expect the same reaction from the corporate press even though Newsom is literally the most powerful elected leader in the state.


As TGP’s Cristina Laila previously reported, residents in San Bernardino, California are snowed-in and running out of supplies after the latest winter storm dumped several feet of snow in the region.

In addition to supply concerns, some roads remain closed.

ABC 7 reporter David Gonzales previously reported it is a ‘life and death situation’ in Crestline.




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