Almost Half of America Thinks Beijing Joe Will Be An Illegitimate President

Image: Limbaugh: ‘Titans of tech’ are now running America

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The study showing 49% of voters thinking Beijing Joe is a FRAUD is one of the topics in Steve Bannon’s War Room video below (and here), 49% is up from 37% 2 weeks ago. That means the fascist censorship doesn’t work. We should all stop talking about the police inviting Trump Supporters into the Capitol and what the criminal Antifa and BLM did, let’s go back to focusing on STOP THE STEAL and spread information about the election fraud.

Bannons War Room Ep 649: Censorship Points to Authoritarianism (w/ Raheem Kassam, Jason Miller, Steve Cortes)

Video: Bannons War Room

Yeah, and finally, Beijing Joe didn’t win the election, President Trump did!



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