Kelly Bee – Orlando Ferreira, 41, died 9 days after 2nd Pfizer from kidney failure, blood clots, and heart attacks

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When leftists (Democrats, Nazis, Fascists, Marxist, Socialists, Communists) are demanding vaccination you can be sure of one thing, it’s not because they lie awake at night worrying about your health, leftists do not care about life or health of others – as 200 million murdered people can attest to over the last roughly 100 years, 13 in Kabul not many days ago. Other documentation worth mentioning, the abuses at the border, millions of abortions ..

Leftists like power, no point in having power if you can’t (ab) use it to make money, getting to kick people around in the process is just FANTASTIC!

R. J. L.

Video: Kelly Bee via Tony Heller

Death certificate says ‘multi-organ failure’ because doctor dismissed vaccine causation. His sister, Elisa, is on a mission to share his story and bring the truth to light.

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“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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