Kim Jong Un’s diplomats get an unwanted surprise

Protesters want to rename the street outside the country’s UN mission in honor of Otto Warmbier

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North Korean defectors honor Otto Warmbier, Kim Jong Un’s victims

‘The North Korean Freedom Foundation’ chair Suzanne Scholte joins ‘Fox News Live’ to discuss the protests in front of North Korea’s mission to the United Nations

Flowers declaring freedom and honoring an American victim of Kim Jong Un’s barbaric regime were placed by activists in front of the building that houses the North Korean mission to the United Nations, as a reminder of the horrors of Kim’s regime and his continued violations of human rights.

“People are dying every day in North Korea in the political prison camps, women are being tortured in the detention centers,” says Suzanne Scholte, the chair of the North Korean Freedom Coalition, which sponsored the protest. “We need to put human rights at the forefront, it is the Achilles’ heel of the regime.”

“All regimes like this eventually come down,” she says. “They are brainwashed to hate America and think that we are the enemy.”



By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter
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