Kim’s North Korea Is Executing More Young People in Public

Published June 29, 2024

Public executions of young North Koreans are on the rise, Seoul says, as Pyongyang seeks to stamp out South Korea’s cultural influence.

On Thursday, the South Korean Ministry of Unification, an agency responsible for inter-Korean relations and potential future unification, released its second annual report on human rights in North Korea, based on the testimonies of North Korean defectors.

One recounted witnessing the public execution of a 22-year-old in South Hwanghae province in 2022. The young man’s crimes were listening to 70 South Korean songs and watching and sharing three South Korean films.

The North Korean Embassy in China did not immediately respond to Newsweek‘s email requesting comment.

The North Korean government tightly controls information flowing into the country, including the internet, but with exceptions for a small minority of government elite members. Exposure to foreign media, especially from its ideological foe in the South, is considered a threat to Pyongyang’s narratives and its grip on power.



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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un awaits the arrival of Russian President Vladimir Putin at Pyongyang Airport on June 19. A report from the South Korean government says public executions of young people are on the rise in the North.
Published June 28, 2024

22-year-old North Korean man was reportedly executed for listening to and distributing K-pop songs and films, in violation of the regime’s strict ban on “malign” Western culture.

According to a South Korean report, the young man was publicly executed as a show of power by the authoritarian regime.

The severe punishment was detailed in a report issued by South Korea’s Unification Ministry, which compiled testimonies from nearly 650 North Korean defectors. This report sheds light on the regime’s harsh measures to suppress Western influences.

The public execution took place in 2022 in the province of South Hwanghae. The young man had listened to 70 South Korean songs and watched three films, which he then shared with others. This act was deemed a serious breach of North Korea’s stringent cultural laws.




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