King Solomon: The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived Was More Like A Gothic Myth

King Solomon was both the wisest and one of the most ignorant people to have ever lived. God gave Solomon unmatched wisdom, which he wasted by disregarding God’s commands. His construction endeavors, especially the temple in Jerusalem, are some of Solomon’s most well-known accomplishments.
But he also served as the model for Faust. The Talmud, which was composed around 500 A.D., claims that Solomon made a bad agreement with the devil in order to construct the great temple in Jerusalem.
Steven Weitzman, a Stanford Jewish studies professor and author of Solomon: The Lure of Wisdom, claimed that Solomon had to capture a demon in order to discover certain secrets necessary to the construction of the temple because if he didn’t, the demon would escape and harm Solomon (Yale University Press).


The second child of King David and Bathsheba was named Solomon. His other name was Jedidiah, which meant “beloved of the Lord,” and his name means “peaceable.” Even as a baby, God loved Solomon.
Solomon’s half-brother Adonijah attempted to usurp the throne through a plot. Adonijah and David’s general Joab had to be put to death for Solomon to become king.
God made a dream appearance to Solomon after his monarchy had taken root, promising him anything he desired. Solomon made the decision to lead his people with wisdom and insight while pleading with God for guidance. God granted the request along with enormous riches, honor, and longevity because he was so delighted with it (1 Kings 3:11-15, NIV).
When Solomon wed the Egyptian Pharaoh’s daughter to forge a political alliance, his downfall officially began. He was unable to restrain his lust. Many foreigners were among Solomon’s 700 wives and 300 concubines, which infuriated God. They succeeded in luring King Solomon away from Yahweh and towards the worship of false deities and idols, which was inevitable.
Solomon accomplished many wonderful things during his 40-year reign, yet he gave in to the pressures of weaker men. When Solomon ceased seeking God, the peace that a united Israel experienced, the enormous construction projects he oversaw, and the prosperous trade he built lost all significance.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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