Lewis Hamilton is an Idiot

Image: Fight for Planet A: Aussie PM Retreats from Charging Eco-Warrior

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Video: Paul Joseph Watson


How The Media Drives Radical ‘Wokeness’

Few bears on the ice off Western Hudson Bay at 14 August but will be onshore soon

South Korea’s Summer Temperatures “Reverse” — July comes-out Colder than June for the first time on Record

Jeremy Clarkson starts a Farm, during the onset of a Grand Solar Minimum — the results are predictable

National Grid fires up coal power station for first time in 55 days

Third world energy-mindset ..

Rolling Blackouts in California? Who could have guessed?

Trump EPA Rescinds Burdensome Obama Climate Change Methane Leak Regulations

Could coal be the answer for Billions without energy?


President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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