LGBT Palestinian kidnapped, beheaded after fleeing West Bank

Those close to Ahmad, 25 years old, are certain he was killed due to his sexuality.
According to videos posted on social media early on Thursday morning, a Palestinian man who fled the West Bank into Israel when his sexual orientation was made public was abducted and brutally killed in Hebron.
Late on Wednesday night, video showing the 25-year-old Ahmad Hacham Hamdi Abu Marakhia’s lifeless body being dragged through the Palestinian city surfaced.
According to Palestinian accounts, the police of the Palestinian Authority have begun an inquiry into the murder.
However, those close to Ahmad are certain he was killed due to his sexuality.

Ahmad’s journey to escape the West Bank

Marakhia lived in Al-Bait Al-Mokhtalef (The Different House), a refuge for Palestinian and Arab-Israeli LGBTQ+ people who have experienced violence and discrimination because of their nationality as well as their LGBTQ+ identity.
They claimed that he was a member of the LGBT pride group they had founded in the South. Rita Petrenko, CEO of The Different House, stated that “many people were aware of him.” Petrenko claimed to have assisted Marakhia in getting a residence permit from the Israeli Civil Administration.

She added that she also helped him with a future move to an other nation. Petrenko told N12 that “He was making tremendous progress in his recovery.” He was the next in line, a hard-working, bright man who was eager to leave the nation.
Petrenko emphasized that for LGBTQ+ Palestinians who were forced out of their homes, emigration is the best alternative.
“Israel is not a safe place for them, even without taking socio-economic factors into account. Sadly, the relocation process is now longer than it used to be,” she lamented, claiming a new policy in Canada, which cooperates with The Different House, caused the delays.

‘We will complete the Palestinian LGBT revolution’

Ibtisam Mara’ana, a labor MK who has spent a lot of time lately advocating for the development of shelters for Arab LGBT children, expressed his sorrow for the Palestinian’s passing in a tweet on Thursday.
“Ahmad, who stayed in an Israeli shelter due to his sexuality, was murdered by a vicious and twisted killer,” she wrote. “In the next government, we intend to complete the Palestinian LGBT revolution,” the MK added.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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