Lies, Damned Lies And Government Graphs

Image: Sea ice growth after the summer minimum begins in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago

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UN and the people all around the globe who’s getting taxpayers money for agreeing with the Marxists in the UN has agreed, – the best way to keep the money flowing from the taxpayers to them is to agree to promise the world a lot of Man Made Global Warming (later called “Climate Change” due to lack of warming), to agree on 10’s of meter of sea level rise and to agree on fast melting ice like soft butter on a warm, sunny day on a sandy beach. In fact they did agree – and that the Arctic was scheduled by the experts to be ice free by 2013, certainly 2014 at the latest. Also, they all agreed all the polar bears would starve and die because of plant food, they also agreed polar bears would no longer know how to swim because of plant food and a lot wetter water and more plant food.

The articles in this post today shows how incredible right their agreements turned out to be, we must agree to send them a lot more billions and billions and billions!

These experts obviously knows what’s best!!

I’ll be on the beach today, with my magnifying glass, thoroughly documenting up close, of course and again – perhaps finally manage to spot the sea level rise they did promise all those years ago.

It’s bound to be here now, only a matter of days, who knows, this might be the day, after all, they did promise, THEY DID PROMISE!!

R. J. L.

Video: Tony Heller
“There are four kinds of lies : lies, damned lies, statistics – and government climate graphs”

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