Linda Sarsour Calls Trump Admin Officials Anti-Semites After She Sends Out Anti-Semitic Tweets

Linda Sarsour Has A Long History Of Antisemitism

Linda Sarsour made national headlines when she led the Women’s March in Washington D.C. in January. The Gateway Pundit reported after the march that Sarsour has ties to the HAMAS terrorist organization and holds pro-Sharia views which are anti-women.  Sarsour has a long history as a propagandist with one of her most outrageous moments coming on MSNBC in 2015 where she falsely claimed that Muslim children are being executed in the United States.

Islamic Propagandist Linda Sarsour joined MSNBC on Wednesday to discuss her support in helping repair the Jewish cemetery that was vandalized last week. She quickly took the opportunity to smear the Trump administration with outright false accusations of antisemitism.

Partial Transcript:

“I don’t know where to start. From Steve Bannon, who is an outright white nationalist, white supremacist, an anti-Semite, Thank God we got rid of Gen. Michael Flynn, who is a very well know Islamophobe. Mike Pompeo at the CIA. It really varies from agency to agency… Wherever we look we find people who are antithetical to everything that we, or at least I, stand for.”

Sarsour Attacks Trump Admin Officials

These claims are comical coming from Sarsour. Below are tweets that she has sent out that show her true colors as an anti-Semite.

  • Israel withdrawing from UN – does this mean UN can live up to its mission & not worry about being dragged down to level of the occupier? ??
  • The Zionist trolls are out to play. Bring it. You will never silence me.


Notice the last tweet .. “Bring it. You will never silence me.”

Really? You’re worried you will get silenced? By whom? It’s the nazi-left (you) who are into book burning and censorship ..


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