Lion kills man who climbed into enclosure at zoo in Ghana

Police investigating how man got into restricted area at Accra zoo

  •  The man was attacked and mauled to death by a lion in Accra Zoo in Ghana
  •  The intruder was killed after he jumped over the security fences of the zoo
  •  Zoo staff found the man’s mauled body inside the lion’s enclosure in Accra

In an apparent attempt to steal a cub, a man broke into the lions’ enclosure at a zoo in Ghana and was killed by them.

Officials said the man, who is thought to be in his 30s, jumped over the zoo’s security fences in the capital Accra and was attacked and killed by a lion.

Zookeepers found the man’s mauled body inside the lion’s enclosure at Accra Zoo on Monday afternoon.

According to representatives of the Forestry Commission, the government organization in charge of wildlife in Ghana, “the intruder was attacked and injured by one of the lions, within the inner fencing of the enclosure.”

Officials from the Accra Zoo said the lion, a lioness, and two cubs were still safely enclosed there.

The Forestry Commission, however, stated that the intruder’s motivation has not yet been established.

In order for authorities to recover the man’s body and transport it to the neighborhood morgue, zookeepers had to successfully entice the lion, lioness, and their two cubs into a safe hold.

“We’re investigating the situation to see how the man got inside the restricted area,” a police spokesman said.

The Forestry Commission stated that following the event, representatives visited the zoo “to guarantee that all facilities remain secure.” No lions from the Accra Zoo have ever escaped, the commission continued.

The Accra Zoo was initially founded as a private menagerie by Ghana’s first president, Kwame Nkrumah, in the early 1960s. After his coup in 1966, the public was allowed access to the Accra Zoo.

People have occasionally been mauled by animals in zoos or animal enclosures, however these incidents are rare.

A huge antelope in Sweden on Sunday gored to death a worker at an animal park.

After the Oland Animal and Entertainment Park had closed, Richard Berglund informed reporters that he had seen the incident involving the eland while he was assisting the victim in putting the animals into stables.

A caretaker was attacked by a tiger in June while petting it during feeding time at a private zoo.

In June, a Bengal tiger confined in Peribán, Michoacán, west Mexico, bit José de Jess, 23, on his right hand. He later passed away from what doctors believe to have been a heart attack.

Antelope gores man to death in Swedish animal park

An employee of an animal park in south-western Sweden was gored to death by a large antelope, the attraction’s owner has said.

After the park had closed, Richard Berglund informed reporters that he had seen the eland incident while he was assisting the victim in putting the horses in stables.

He made no specific comments.

‘It was a friend… we’re all grieving,’ Mr Berglund said.

On the southwestern island of Oland, the victim was slain late on Sunday at the Oland Animal and Entertainment Park.

According to police, the incident is being treated as a “workplace accident,” which is typical practice.

It was not known precisely what happened inside the enclosure.

The dead employee’s identity and country of citizenship were not disclosed.

The eland is the biggest antelope in the world.

According to its website, the park had already closed for the year as of Monday.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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