London’s Latest Diesel Traffic Pollution Scare Exposed

By John O’Sullivan

Expert who co-authored a detailed report for Britain’s Department of Health (1999) into London’s traffic pollution pours cold water on Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan’s latest push to ban diesel cars.

British Civil Engineer, Ed Hoskins helped perform a detailed study with the Department of Civil Engineering Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine [1] and found that emissions from diesel-powered vehicles in the UK capital (and most major UK cities) is a “comparatively marginal problem.”

Speaking through Principia Scientific International(PSI) Hoskins said the fuss over diesel emissions is centered around nitrogen oxides (Nox). In atmospheric chemistry, NOx is a generic term for the nitrogen oxides most linked to air pollution, namely nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The fact is, London is now one of the world’s least air-polluted megacities.

Hoskins explains:

“In 1999 I participated in this study with two colleagues, including the then Professor of Transport Stephen Glaister at Imperial College undertaken for the NHS in London. Our report found that the biggest culprit, Nitrogen Oxides generated by human road traffic are  far outweighed by naturally generated oxides of nitrogen (arising from bacterial action, volcanic eruptions and lightning).”

Optimism as Traffic Pollution Outweighed by Natural Emissions

To an expert like Hoskins the latest Green scare story saying diesel vehicles are causing many thousands of deaths from traffic pollution is utter bunkum. The detailed government report he co-authored notes that NOx should be regarded as a normal very minor constituent of the atmosphere. Hoskins told PSI:

“The fact that some vulnerable people may die a matter of a few days earlier and that earlier death might be on occasions attributable to NOx is entirely lost on the scaremongers.”

Dismayed that Mayor Khan is either scientifically ill-informed or, more likely pursuing a tax raising strategy by deceit, Hoskins insists that since the publication of his 1999 report  “new diesel technologies have substantially reduced the problem.” He adds, “NOx chemically breaks down within a day or so and thus rapidly disappears as a pollutant.”

Rather than seeking to whip up yet another bogus environmental scare story Hoskins urges political figures like London’s Mayor Khan to take a balanced view of the proven scientific evidence.

Nonetheless it seems that the Mayor of London, along with the UK Government, wants to progressively ban diesels in UK’s capital city and elsewhere, or at least to try to tax them out of existence.  Hoskin laments:

“When they are on an environmental roll nobody thinks about or counts the benefits that diesel engines and internal combustion engine brings to the everyone.”

Hoskin has posted online key sections of that Department of Health (100) study. Adding further comment, he says:

“These results are actually optimistic showing substantial reduction of pollution from traffic. And amongst other things it exposed the level of over emphasis of pollution levels as pronounced by Green oriented organisations.”

Even in 1999 the dangers of overemphasis of the pollution problem, as opposed to the benefits to the populace of road transport, were noted on page 8 of the report as follows:

“Air quality standards have been set with inadequate attention to the benefits of meeting them and there is a risk that the ill-considered costs imposed by the authorities seeking to secure compliance will greatly exceed any benefits. The social costs of compliance with regulations that impede movement should not be underestimated.”

The fact is, many policies associated with Green thinking rarely account for their unintended consequences and their attendant costs. But Hoskin soon became aware of the severe blow-back his report’s rather benign conclusions would trigger among zealous environmental activists. He recalls:

“When published, this rather optimistic report elicited a great deal of Green anger and even death threats.  Those extreme and aggressive attitudes generated my own interest in examining the great Catastrophic Man-made Global Warming scam.”


[1]  TRANSPORT and HEALTH in LONDON, a Report for the DEPARTMENT of HEALTH, Stephen Glaister, Dan Graham and Ed Hoskins, Department of Civil Engineering, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, SW7 2BU October 1999

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