Mawar Gains Strength After Thrashing Guam, Becoming a Super Typhoon

Island residents experienced howling winds and periods of intense rainfall, which left most of Guam without power. Officials had yet to assess the damage, but typhoon warnings remained in effect.

Guam residents woke up Thursday to survey the damage after a long night of whipping winds and lightning storms from Mawar, a typhoon that downed coconut and mango trees and knocked out power across much of the U.S. Pacific territory.

Residents lined up outside the shops that were open to buy food and supplies. Many businesses lacked power or the internet and were accepting only cash, but some A.T.M.s were out of service.

  • Mawar was upgraded to a super typhoon, meaning that its maximum sustained winds were at least 150 miles per hour, as the storm moved over open water. The storm had packed Category 4-level winds of about 140 miles per hour at “just prior to midnight” local time on Wednesday, as it passed over Guam, according to a local meteorologist from the National Weather Service.

More than a foot of rain fell across Guam, and that amount approached two feet in some areas, meteorologists said.

Mawar was the strongest storm to hammer Guam in years and was expected to continue to generate tropical storm-force winds before weakening on Thursday, the Weather Service forecaster warned. The storm had moved 105 miles northwest of Guam as of 11 a.m. local time, but typhoon warnings were still active, the forecaster said.

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By: Miss Cherry May Timbol –Independent Reporter
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