Meet the cannibal who became a folk hero in Japan..



This story is crazy and shocking how it ends.
First thing you have to know, the man you are looking at right now.  is proud of what he’s done.

He killed a woman he liked. raped her corpse right after the murder, and ATE her body parts for days.
Those horrible crimes are not even the worst part yet.
The most mind blowing fact about this is as we speak, you can literally go to Japan and meet this guy in real life.

He is alive and totally free. He was never put in trial and despite openly admitting to his crazy killing, he even became an actual celebrity. He made money because of his crime.
I know it’s disgusting but let’s stay focused.


What kind of force drove him to crave human meat? Why on earth was he never put to trial? And how did a horrible murderer become a celebrity?

The man, the legend….

To solve this dark mystery, you have to learn what happened to Issei as a child. Unlike many killers, Issei never mentioned being abused by his parents, In fact, he was born rich, he had an easy life. He enjoyed a life of privilege. His only insecurity was being born small and weak, due to health condition.

He claimed that because he was a shy child and his legs were so skinny, they resembled pencils, he stayed at home a lot. And it was because of this that he became so fond of reading. He began to exhibit cannibalistic inclinations at this extremely young age.

Hansel and Gretel, a fable about two siblings who are in danger of being eaten by a witch, was his favorite fairy tale. He remembers his uncle jokingly lowering him into a stewpot while he was dressed as a monster.
In first grade, he remembered admiring the toned appearance of his male friends’ thighs and fantasizing about how good it would taste. But as you can see, he wasn’t homosexual. In fact, Issei developed a fascination for healthy, attractive white ladies as he started junior high school.
Actress Grace Kelly in particular was his obsession… Other men simply daydreamed about kissing them, but… His thoughts wandered far beyond. He naturally bites at their flesh out of sexual desire.

“The desire to lick the lips of of your lover” is based on primal urges. 

He remained to be fixated on white ladies at the age of 24. up till the monster inside him awoke. With the intention of slicing off a small portion of her buttocks and skulking away with it while she slept, Issei followed a tall German woman home.
However, the German woman awoke and seen him. Police prosecuted him with attempted rape not knowing his sinister scheme, however these charges were later withdrawn!
He was extremely wealthy when his father paid the victim. You know, he had already experienced his first taste of unfair immunity at this point, which contributed to the intensification of his appetite for human meat.

“It’s my fantasy.” As painful as possible, Pain, Pain.”

The narrative of two brothers who are in danger of being eaten by a witch, Hansel and Gretel, was his favorite fairy tale. He remembers his uncle dressing up as a monster and making fun of him by lowering him into a stewpot.
In first grade, he remembered admiring the toned appearance and mouthwatering flavor of the thighs on his male peers. But you see, he wasn’t really homophobic. In fact, as he started junior high school, Issei developed a fascination for white women who appeared healthy and attractive.
He was obsessed with Grace Kelly in particular. And while other guys were just daydreaming about kissing them, His thinking went a lot further. He naturally bites on their flesh since he has a sexual yearning for them.

Renee Hartvelt.

A 5 foot 10 inch tall, Dutch woman in her late 20s. Beautiful, friendly, and warm described Renee. She embodied all that Issei was unable to. So he made the decision to try and absorb her energy. He then devised a scheme. Under the pretense of translating poetry for a task, Issei would invite Renee to supper at his place. “Yes,” she replied.
On that particular day, Renee was reading poetry while turning her back on him, when Issei pulled out a weapon and shot her in the neck. Issei, who was as frail as he always was, passed out in shock at his own gunshot. But when he subsequently awoke, he believed that everything had changed.
He had been anticipating this day for 32 years. He will at last give in to his indescribable need. He acted in the most repulsive ways. He first had sex with Reness’s dead body. After finishing, he went to buy a butcher knife and began dissecting her decomposing body. He ate the meat one by one, whether it was raw or cooked.

Even at each level, he took pictures. Issei made the decision to dispose of the remains in a lake once it began to stink. They were covered in blood as he transported them in two suitcases.

That is until he was caught in the act. French police arrested him.


Take a deep breath and consider this statement as we continue. Issei was imprisoned in France for two years after his capture while he awaited his trial. As you are aware, the day of judgment never materialized because his wealthy father once more spent a sizable sum on legal counsel.
Sagawa was deemed incompetent to stand trial and legally insane. Instead, he was told to be institutionalized by the French judge. But instead of limiting him and subduing his animal instincts.Issei’s fame grew as a result of this location. It’s all owing to a writer who visited the cannibal killer, spoke with him about his own crime, and used his book to have the cannibal killer’s narrative published in Japan.
Following that, Issei rose to fame for the same abhorrent reasons. In fact, it was this unexpected notoriety that most likely persuaded French officials to simply deport him back to Japan.
Japanese authorities inspected him after he returned home and eventually deemed him… sane. Issei Sagawa, the proud cannibal rapist killer, was not only completely free because the charges had previously been dismissed in France, but he also embraced his newfound reputation as an actual celebrity in the 1990s.

Author, commentator, and guest speaker. Issei received a request to write a memoir on his own murder. He was featured in well-known publications and TV programs. He even had to create several meat dishes because of a cooking show.
Unbelievably, Issei acted in softcore porn movies where he would bite his female co-buttocks. star’s He never displayed any shame while enjoying this celebrity. He was proud of his crime and made money out of it.

Having heard all of that, I would like to ask you once again,  Do sick minded people deserve to reenter society?

However, if you asked Japanese people about Sagawa in the early 2000s, your faith in humanity might be temporarily renewed because at this point, karma had finally caught up with him. Nobody would publish his books anymore. He couldn’t find employment since no company would want to be associated with him. Even his own parents’ funeral was barred from him.
Sagawa, who is 72 years old and is currently living peacefully outside of Tokyo, suffers from numerous ailments, has had at least two heart attacks, and only receives nutrition through a tube into his stomach. He has never been married and is wheelchair-bound. He is only looked after by his brother.

Some of you may start to consider forgiving this elderly man as you hear about the sad, tragic state in which he currently resides. If that describes you, take one final listen to what Issei Sagawa said during a 2011 interview with Vice.
They asked – “Would you eat someone again before you die?”.. “The desire to eat people becomes so intense around June, when women start wearing less and showing more skin…” “So yes, I do still harbor these desires, and I specifically want to eat a Japanese woman this time.”
Where those come from, there are a lot more unsettling assertions. However, how do you feel now that you have heard the horrifying tale of this cannibal, rapist, and killer who rose to fame and who never expressed regret for his actions and who would gladly carry out the same actions again?
As for me, I merely find the tale to be incredibly unbelievable. I find it really difficult to comprehend why the Japanese government decided to release him; it’s like they spit on the grave of a French girl. It’s crazy to imagine how her family must feel about this.
Issei Sagawa shouldn’t have ever been classified as sane. He desperately needed assistance, and it’s too bad he never really received it. The broken justice system and the way society saw him as some sort of sick celebrity made his situation much worse. They allowed him to bask in the limelight, which may have led him to accept his own explanation that he was in perfect health.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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