Meloni formally asks for mandate to govern Italy

Meloni says she and her allies have asked the nation’s president to give her the mandate to assemble a new government.
Giorgia Meloni, the head of Brothers of Italy, claims that she and her allies have formally requested permission from the president of the country to create what would be the first far-right-led administration in Italy since the conclusion of World War II.
Meloni and her campaign allies met President Sergio Mattarella on Friday at the Quirinal presidential residence for roughly ten minutes.
She came out to address the media and announced that the coalition had unanimously told Mattarella that she deserved to be given the authority to lead.
A Quirinal representative suggested Mattarella might make his choice public later in the day.
Meloni, 45, would be the country’s first female prime minister if she were to succeed.

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US support for Italy’s likely next leader shows growing global solidarity among right-wing populists, experts say.

The election victory of Italy’s Giorgia Meloni this week has been met with cheers from US Republicans, who are heaping praise on the right-wing European leader despite concerns that she heads a political party with neo-fascist roots.

‘We are ready’

“We have indicated myself as the person who should be mandated to form the new government,” Meloni said, flanked by her two main, sometimes troublesome, right-wing allies – Matteo Salvini and former Premier Silvio Berlusconi. “We are ready and we want to move forward in the shortest possible time.”
She alluded to pressing issues “at both national and international level,” possibly referring to the skyrocketing energy costs that are affecting consumers and businesses as well as Russia’s all-out conflict in Ukraine.
Longtime supporters of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Berlusconi and Salvini remained silent during Meloni’s brief statements to reporters. Meloni vehemently supports Ukraine in its defense against the Russian invasion. Coalition rule could be difficult due to these discrepancies.
The election win of Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party, which has neo-fascist roots, during the past month has rankled Berlusconi, a three-term prime minister.
He recently mocked her in writing, calling her “arrogant.” In a meeting with his lawmakers earlier this week, he expressed support for Putin’s justifications for invading Ukraine.

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Leader of nationalist Brothers of Italy party says voters have given a ‘clear indication’ of what they want.

A jubilant Giorgia Meloni, leader of the far-right Brothers of Italy party and on course to become Italy’s first woman prime minister, said voters had given the right-wing group a clear mandate to govern and that she would lead a government for all Italians.

In sync with the West

Meloni underlined that anyone joining her cabinet must be firmly in sync with the West in opposing Putin’s war in response to Berlusconi’s remarks, which were also disparaging of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Meloni declared that she would take the chance even if it meant that her administration couldn’t be established.
Additionally, Salvini has occasionally questioned the necessity of strict Western sanctions against Russia. A fellow legislator from Salvini’s League party, who was just elected as the head of the Chamber of Deputies, the lower chamber, publicly expressed reservations about the measures’ continuation.
Salvini, Berlusconi, and the populist leader of the 5-Star Movement, Giuseppe Conte, all refused to support the outgoing premier Mario Draghi’s government in a vote of confidence, which led to the collapse of his national pandemic unity coalition in July.
As a result, Mattarella decided to dissolve the legislature and call for elections about six months early.
Draghi was in Brussels for the third day of a European Council session when final preparations to create the new government were being made, deliberating how to handle rising energy prices.


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