Michigan Activists Witness Suspicious Late Night Activity at Innocuous Warehouse at 3 AM Near Detroit Election Center

Our sources have witnessed suspicious activities in Detroit for several days now.
Over the weekend, concerned citizens, driving in two cars, followed a Penske rental truck from the Detroit Department of Elections to a non-descript, one-story warehouse in southwest Detroit.
The truck ran at least one red light, possibly related to an attempt to shake the followers. Once there, the citizens initiated a round-the-clock vigil that, at press time, is still ongoing in a bid to observe any illegal activity such as illegally-manufactured ballots being injected into the flow of legitimate ballots.
Once the truck arrived in the parking lot, the citizen vehicles parked and began observing very peculiar activities: in the space of a few hours, 12-15 cars arrived at the gate of the warehouse, slowed as if about to turn in, only to turn around or drive on once the surveillance cars were spotted.
There is a printing company located directly across the street from the warehouse and it is known to have ballots – printing capabilities, including for the 2020 election.
So concerned citizens are taking this election very seriously and they’re actually “participating in the democracy” like never before by observing at all levels of the election process. This includes providing the chain of custody that Michigan Election Law sadly doesn’t require when tens of thousands of ballots are transported from point A to point B.
Authorities are attempting to paint as voter suppression when in fact nothing could be further from the truth
Sources observed Penske rental trucks leaving the Detroit Election Center and traveling to an innocuous warehouse between the election center and Huntington Place, the former TCF Center in Detroit.
The warehouse is located near a post office and a printing company that was previously authorized to print ballots.



by: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter
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