Migrant Smuggler Drops 4-Year-Old Boy From Top of 30-Foot Border Wall (Video)

Joe Biden’s broken border is encouraging dangerous behavior by migrant smugglers.

Customs and Border Protection released new video of a migrant smuggler dropping  a 4-year-old boy from the top of an almost 30-foot border wall near San Ysidro in San Diego.

The video shows an adult at the top of the border wall dragging the small child over the top of wall before dangling the child.

The boy is then dropped almost 30-feet to the ground below.

The smuggler then drops from the wall to collect the child from a heap on the ground.

He is joined by a second older child who was already waiting at the base of the wall.

Cheer Raul Ortiz shared, “A 4-year-old was dropped from the border barrier by an unknown subject in San Diego, Monday. Responding Agents and EMS providing first aid to the child also reported gunshots near their position while tending to the child. Remarkably, the child is ok! Do not trust smugglers!”



By: Miss Cherry May Timbol –Independent Reporter

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