Modems in Dominion Voting Systems manufactured by communist Chinese corporation

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President Trump’s Executive Order in September 2018 was his administration’s answer to the Russia collusion hoax, perpetrated by the lawless left. What’s special about the situation today, (the trap) that the left themselves created, is that they now are about to be caught in the very same trap their Russia collusion hoax created. See, leftists are stupid!

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By Ethan Huff – Natural News

The modems contained inside Dominion Voting Systems machines that communicated with Frankfurt during the fraudulent 2020 election are manufactured by a communist Chinese-owned corporation, we have learned.

eDevice CellGo, based out of Bordeaux, France, was purchased back in Sept. 2016 by a company called iHealth, a United States subsidiary of the Chinese Tianjin’s Andon Group, for $106 million. This same company is now responsible for manufacturing modems for Dominion.

“Both companies offer mobile health monitoring devices,” reports explain. “eDevice uses its proprietary technology to connect patients with large medtech companies and healthcare organizations.”

“iHealth, headquartered in Mountain View, California, offers basic healthcare monitoring devices and an iOS smartphone app to keep patients connected. Two years ago, iHealth raised $25 million from Xiaomi Ventures, a China electronics company.”

Inventory sheets obtained from Calhoun County, Mich., show the costs associated with these modems as purchased for voting machines in the county. Each of these machines and their modems deserves a full forensic analysis and audit to determine how they were used during the election.

“Folks, Chinese modems being used for elections should make every voting machine that uses these suspect and open to forensic analysis or worse!” tweeted one Twitter sleuth. “Use would be indicated by the port seal being broken.”

“These modems communicate with a central reporting server also,” this same sleuth added.

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Chinese modems in Dominion machines allow remote, third-party access to manipulate votes

Another fact about the Chinese modems found in Dominion machines is that they have built-in capability allowing third parties, or what we used to call hackers, direct access to the systems.

In real time, hackers can break into a Dominion voting machine via its modem and manipulate the count. The machine will then produce “results” that to the naked eye appear valid.

This specialized connectivity apparatus also contains functions allowing third parties via the EMS Server to list, report, delete and back up all precinct results.

“The Listener will need to be cleared and prepped for the upcoming election so it will receive and properly handle election files that are transmitted to your system,” a “preparation” sheet with instructions explains.

The state of Michigan’s contract with Dominion also contains a diagram showing how the internal “CellGo” device, aka the modem, works across the network to receive and transmit data. What it depicts suggests that election results can be easily manipulated from afar through the web.

The same devices were also used in voting machines in Wisconsin and Georgia, evidence shows, proving that election fraud was widespread across multiple key swing states.

“This is a massive national security risk,” writes Joe Hoft for The Gateway Pundit. “Why is the U.S. using a connectivity device with voting machines in the first place and why would we ever use connectivity devices connected with China?”

In the comment section to Hoft’s piece, many commenters demanded answers as to why law enforcement at every level of government has patently failed to even respond to this obvious fraud, let alone take formidable action to hold those who perpetrated it responsible for their crimes.

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