Monkeypox Symptoms: Patient’s Photo Timeline of Rash Goes Viral

“My goal with this is not to gross anyone out, but to educate.” Some monkeypox patients are posting about their symptoms on social media to raise awareness.

As the number of instances of monkeypox increases globally, some afflicted individuals are posting images and videos to social media to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms, demonstrate what the rash can actually look like, and inform others about the illness.
Social media user Silver Steele created a photo history of his monkeypox lesions over the course of three weeks and shared it on Instagram. The photo timeline has already gone viral.
According to Steele, the 40-year-old Houston, Texas, man contracted monkeypox in early July. “My intention with this is not to weird people out, but to educate,” he stated in the description of the collage of photos that has since gone viral.
Although not everyone exhibits symptoms in precisely the same way, more than one specialist has stated that Steele’s case is a “clinically flawless” illustration and is used in CDC demonstrations and medical journals.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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