More than 100 women murdered in Italy so far this year

More than 100 women have been murdered in Italy so far this year, with almost half of them killed by their intimate partner or ex-partner, the Italian police said.
Released on Friday to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the report lists the names and details of death of the 95 women killed between the beginning of the year and November 7.
They include 27-year-old Carol, who was killed by her ex-boyfriend who hit her with a hammer and then dumped her dismembered body off a cliff, 40-year-old Elisabetta who died after being “stabbed dozens of times” by her husband and 74-year-old Silvana whose husband beat her to death with a stick.
Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said Friday that her government was committed to fighting gender-based violence and the “terrible plague of femicide.”
“We owe it to the many victims,” she said in a statement posted on her official Facebook page.
In Italy, 31.5% of women have suffered some of form of physical or sexual violence and 5.4% have been victims of serious forms of sexual violence such as rape, according to the Italian Statistics Institute (ISTAT).

‘Shadow pandemic’

The Italian statistics comes after the world witnessed a domestic abuse crisis during the Covid-19 pandemic. Job losses, government inaction, judicial backlogs and many other factors contributed to what the United Nations has called a “shadow pandemic of violence against women and girls.”
According to a UN report, 45,000 women worldwide were killed by their partners or other family members last year. This means that more than five women or girls were killed every hour by someone in their own family.
Across Europe, cases of violence against women have stoked outrage in recent years.
In Greece, where 17 women were killed in 2021 according to public broadcaster ERT, the government was criticized for rejecting an opposition amendment that would have established institutional recognition of the term femicide.

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The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, on 25 November, marks the start of the 16 days of activism, concluding on commemoration of the International Human Rights Day (10 December). This campaign aims to prevent and eliminate violence against women and girls around the world, calling for global action to increase awareness, promote advocacy and create opportunities for discussion on challenges and solutions.
Five years ago, the #MeToo movement sparked a global mobilization for the prevention and response to violence against women and girls. In this context, the adoption of ILO Convention 190 (ILO C190) and Recommendation 206, in 2019, has generated an extraordinary momentum to prevent and eliminate gender-based violence in the world of work. In many countries, trade unions, allied with feminist and other human rights organizations, are campaigning for the ratification and the implementation of the Convention.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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