MSM is NOT your friend!

“THE MEDIA IS NOT YOUR FRIEND” Trey Gowdy Slams Fake News Stories

With what’s happening lately with the Washington post and Donald Trump and other leaks and news stories that are trying to push a Russia Trump agenda this seemed pretty fitting to show everyone, Trey Gowdy tells his audience that you should know the media is not your friend, I haven’t seen too much interesting stuff lately and there wasn’t any press briefings so I wanted to show you this rare Trey Gowdy clip most havent seen just 1 day before the President Trump vs Hillary Clinton election, Trey Gowdy lets people know that he doesn’t like the media too much and they are definitely not your friend, this is breaking news and latest news in top stories and current events in Politics
Trey Gowdy definitely is not about leaks! Jason Chaffetz irs letter was just sent and Jason Chaffetz wants more information on Comey Trump memo , the Comey memo and Trump Russia investigations are still going on, this is Trey Gowdy new and Trey Gowdy 2017 news will be coming soon as Trey Gowdy appears in congress. hopefully Trey Gowdy destroys someone soon ! Trey Gowdy today put a statement out on twitter


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