MTG’s “National Divorce” May Be The Only Way To Prevent Bloodshed

Democrats’ righteous indignation last month at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s calls for a “national divorce” came as no surprise.

It was just the latest in an endless parade of things that the Left was for before it was against, to borrow a catchphrase from consummate waffler John Kerry.

It is hard, in fact, to come up with a position on their current platform where Democrats have not flip-flopped when political opportunism or necessity struck.

And so it was that the only party ever to have seceded from the Union found itself comparing Greene to its own former leader, Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

But in fairness to Democrats of yore, while one could armchair-quarterback whether the ends justified the means in eradicating slavery, the provocative actions of radical Republican abolitionists like John Brown—who murdered innocent families, and raped women and children—offered at least some justification to antebellum Southern Democrats.

Their own elected leaders, Democrat presidents Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan, had failed to fix the problem of how to phase out the barbaric practice, and the prospect of Republican President Abraham Lincoln effecting a peaceable solution that did not threaten their lives and livelihoods seemed grim, even to the vast majority of Southern families who owned few or no slaves.



By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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